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1. Oral history interview with Deana Arsenian 1999

  • Name: Arsenian, Deana, 1958- (Interviewee)
  • Format: oral histories
  • Date: 1999
  • Collection Name: Carnegie Corporation project. Part 2
  • Abstract: Childhood: born Yerevan, Armenia, raised Moscow, Russia; immigration to U.S., 1975; education: Briarcliff College 1976-1977, B.A., political science, Barnard College 1977-1980, School of International Affairs, Columbia University, 1982-1984; Russian Institute/Harriman Institute at Columbia University: cultivating support, excitement of the time, mission; Carnegie Corporation of New York [Carnegie]: development of international division, vision of new president and involvement, training, security studies, criticisms; Carnegie Avoiding Nuclear War Program: president's insistence, nation's difficulties in discussing issue, revitalization of institutions, pursuit of agenda through funding, promotion of U.S.-Soviet relations and understanding; work as program officer: becoming an issues generalist, diplomacy, proposal receptions and decisions, meetings; Brown University: director of Center for Foreign Policy Development, part-time work for Carnegie; return to Carnegie.
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