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Oral history interview with...

1. Oral history interview with R. McAllister Lloyd 1967

Lloyd, R. McAllister, 1898-1985
  • Name: Lloyd, R. McAllister, 1898-1985 (Interviewee)
  • Format: oral histories
  • Date: 1967
  • Collection Name: Carnegie Corporation project. Part 1
  • Abstract: Vice President of Bank of New York; becoming President of Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA) at request of new Carnegie Corporation President Devereux C. Josephs, 1945; negotiations for additional financial support from Carnegie Corpora tion; shuffling of investments; annuities and life insurance; transition from TIAA President to Chairman, 1946-1947; structure of TIAA and its trustees; relations with Carnegie Institution of Washington, creation of College Retirement Equities Fund (CREF), 1948-1952; pensions and increasing life spans of teachers; major medical and disability. Impressions of D.C. Josephs, Vannevar Bush, R.C. Leffingwell, William C. Greenough.
Carnegie General Donations,...

2. Carnegie General Donations, Gifts and Grants to Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, New York, N.Y.

Carnegie, Andrew, 1835-1919
  • Name: Carnegie, Andrew, 1835-1919 (Author)
  • Format: correspondence
  • Date: [between 1905 and 1919?]
  • Collection Name: Carnegie Corporation of New York Records. Series II. Files on Microfilm. II.A. Gifts and Grants. II.A.5. General Donations
Oral history interview with...

3. Oral history interview with Morris Hadley 1966

Hadley, Morris, 1894-
  • Name: Hadley, Morris, 1894- (Interviewee)
  • Format: oral histories
  • Date: 1966
  • Collection Name: Carnegie Corporation project. Part 1
  • Abstract: Serving as Trustee of Stock of Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA); Carnegie Corporation grants to TIAA; 1939-1946; becoming Carnegie Corporation trustee, 1947; assignment to Carnegie House Properties Committee concerning Andrew Carnegie Mansion at E 91st St; the New York Public Library’s bids for the Carnegie Mansion and the ultimate use of the building by the Columbia University School of Social Work, 1949; Institute for Pacific Relations; visiting Japan; 1948-1953; negotiations between Hadley and Henry Wriston of Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching regarding relationship between two Carnegie organizations, 1953; Carnegie Corporation 50 year history in Annual Report, 1961. Hadley’s thoughts on the Carnegie Corporation board and its grantmaking policy; Carnegie’s operational schedule and election process for new board members; the possibility of women and African Americans one day becoming Carnegie board members; the day-to-day life of a board member; the Carnegie Corporation philosophy of giving; Gunnar Myrdal’s AN AMERICAN DILEMMA; changes in Carnegie’s grantmaking during Hadley’s tenure and differences between its Presidents; operations of the Carnegie Corporation Finance Committee; government investigations of the Carnegie Corporation during the McCarthy era; creation of the FOUNDATION DIRECTORY and the Foundation Library Center. Impressions of D.C. Josephs, R.C. Leffingwell, Nicholas Murray Butler, Charles Dollard.
Oral history interview with...

4. Oral history interview with Robertson Dwight Ward 1968

Ward, Robertson Dwight, 1905-
  • Name: Ward, Robertson Dwight, 1905- (Interviewee)
  • Format: oral histories
  • Date: 1968
  • Collection Name: Carnegie Corporation project. Part 1
  • Abstract: Invited to become Carnegie Corporation treasurer while employed at American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), 1935; involvement as recording officer of committee to re-evaluate financial management of Carnegie organizations, 1936-1938; departure from Carnegie, 1942. Discussion of the expansion of the Carnegie Joint Investment Office with growth of Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA); shifting of Carnegie investments to J.P. Morgan & Co; the Carnegie Corporation’s relationship with the Home Trust Company. Impressions of Frederick P. Keppel, Herbert C. Lee, R.C. Leffingwell, Samuel S. Hall Jr.