Oral history interview with Geraldine P. Mannion, 2012


Mannion, Geraldine P., 1955- (Interviewee)
Grele, Ronald J (Interviewer)
Oral history interview with Geraldine P. Mannion, 2012
Transition from leadership of David A. Hamburg to Vartan Gregorian: hiring and interaction of new staff, development of new grant review process, clash of workplace cultures, management of funds; work on immigration reform: impact of September 11, 2001, founding of Four Freedoms Fund, impact of NumbersUSA in 2007, four-pillar strategy for advocacy, Carnegie Corporation goals and nonpartisanship, cu rrent collaborations; Carnegie Corporation connection with unions; organization of programs and grants; idea of philanthropic freedom; evolution of U.S. Democracy and Special Opportunities Fund; impressions of Alan J. Pifer; influence of people and other foundations on grantmaking; need for short- and long-term planning in philanthropy; discussion of voter registration: importance of registration, nonpartisanship, existing problems; political power of grantees; need for improved civic education; campaign finance reform; civic integration and engagement of immigrants; Carnegie Corporation collaboration with Muslim organizations; need for education about cultural differences; influence of personal background: parents' emigration from Ireland to England, emigration with family from England to New York, childhood in Brooklyn and Bronx; importance of immigrant community; importance and difficulty of naturalization; personal career path: education, job as program secretary at Rockefeller Foundation, training and need for improved training programs, benefits of working in philanthropy, value of being a generalist; impact and legacy of current work; discussion of how grantees are chosen; evaluation of program success: experience at Rockefeller and Ford foundations, outcome and usefulness, purpose of evaluation, metrics for evaluation; grantmaking: funding needs of nonprofits, project and program grants, general support, comparison of conservative and liberal foundations' strategies, long-term commitment to issues; relationship with trustees: impressions of past chairs, recollection of board discussions, recent meeting on immigration, impressions of board and board members; current state of philanthropy: discussion of Gates Foundation, employee turnover and experience.
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Carnegie Corporation project. Part 3
Education; Executives; Charitable uses, trusts, and foundations--Political activity; Endowments; Nonprofit organizations; Gregorian, Vartan; Mannion, Geraldine P., 1955-; Carnegie Corporation of New York
oral histories
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195 pages. + index; 1 digital audio file (157 min.); 1 digital video file (119 min.); 1 digital video file (97 min.)
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Program Director, U.S. Democracy and Special Opportunities Fund, National Program, Carnegie Corporation of New York.
Interviewed by Ronald J. Grele on March 13, 21, and 26, 2012.
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Gift of Geraldine P. Mannion
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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