Oral history interview with Mary Gooley, 1991


Gooley, Mary (Interviewee)
Oral history interview with Mary Gooley, 1991
Other Titles
Reminiscences of Mary Gooley : oral history, 1990, 1991; Oral history of Mary Gooley, 1990, 1991
Employment as medical technologist and first experience with persons with hemophilia; early "treatments" for hemophilia such as peanut butter and gelatin; self-education re: hemophilia; experiences with transfusing people out of her home; genesis of the Rochester chapter of NHF; genesis of the Rochester treatment center; early personal involvement with NHF: beginning of the NHF; aspects of the "hem ophilia community"; involvement in making own cryoprecipitate for her center; work with Dr. Henry Jordan, a pioneer in orthopedic hemophilia care; obtaining a dentist for the center who was interest in hemophilia care; issues at the Greyston Conference on hemophilia in the late 1960s; genesis of comprehensive care for people with hemophilia and problems with same; involvement with pharmaceutical companies; increasing involvement with NHF; criticism by others regarding hemophilia treatment center run mostly by lay people as opposed to physicians; definition of "difficult" patients and issues of compliance; efforts to persuade Blue Cross to cover costs of home care for people with hemophilia; advent of federal funding for treatment of hemophilia; process of implementing legislation regarding such funding; testimony in Congress for purpose of obtaining funding; experiences as member of advisory board to Maternal Child Health Bureau regarding administration of funding; outreach to underserved areas as a result of federal funding; regionalization of hemophilia care; treatment center responsibilities versus chapter/advocacy responsibilities; advent of and responses to AIDS in hemophilia population; emotional responses of patients and families to AIDS; work with developing local chapters of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF); disagreements between NHF and various local chapters; level of consumer involvement in chapters and in NHF; dedication of a Japanese garden as a memorial to people with hemophilia
Collection Name
Hemophilia oral history collection
Hemophilia--History.--United States; Hemophilia--Social aspects; Hemophilia--Political aspects; AIDS (Disease)--History.--United States; Gooley, Mary; National Hemophilia Foundation
oral histories; sound recordings
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Susan Resnik, Gift, circa 1992
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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