The Tower of Babble, National Constitution Newspaper, Winter 1973

The Tower of Babble, National Constitution Newspaper, Winter 1973
This cartoon appeared in the National Constitution Newspaper’s Winter 1973 edition. The Denver-based publication was the project of Ted Billings, a health store owner turned conservative politician who ran for vice president in 1964 on the Constitution Party ticket and eventually became national chairman of the tiny party. (Billings' Constitution Party has no relation to the current party of the sa me name.) Much of the National Constitution Newspaper was devoted to conspiracy theories. Topics included communism ("is the secret plan [of US presidents] designed to reduce and destruct the United States to make it equal in poverty with Communist Failures?"), the federal reserve and other government financial institutions ("the lives and destinies of all people of this earth are now controlled by angelic-moneychanger-savages"), and the civil rights movement ("all that is required to know in advance what the result of race-mixing will be, is to look where it has been the way-of-existence for many years. When we look--we see chaos"). Although the National Constitution Newspaper was a publication that few people would have ever come across, the essence--if not always the same hyperbolic rhetoric--of many of the individual views about the government, the UN, and race expressed in its pages was widely-held by even mainstream conservative advocates during the 1960s and 1970s. This was perhaps no clearer than in the pictured cartoon’s attack on the United Nations, a popular target of small-government and anti-communist advocates during this period. Condemning the plot as a money-wasting attack on US "freedom," text accompanying the cartoon assailed "the planned 'UN' World Government" and described it as the "Red Debt Takeover," a communist plot unwittingly funded by the US government. For similar examples of anti-UN imagery, see: "United Nations: The Modern Trojan Horse" and "The Strange Origin of the UN Flag," both below.
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