Worst Horror on Earth

Citizens' Councils of America (Creator)
Citizens' Council of Dallas County, Inc. (Creator)
Worst Horror on Earth
Citizens' Councils were part of a loosely-affiliated network of local white supremacist groups formed in the late 1950s and early 1960s to protest court decisions and legislation in favor of civil rights for African Americans. (See: Famous Quotations: Theodore G. Bilbo and Crime: Don't Let It Happen! for more information about Citizens Councils.) Propaganda such as this pictured flyer demonstrate o ne of their methods of affiliation: reproductions of the same cartoon appeared in Group Research files for organizations located in several different states but sharing a common goal. The cartoon's emphasis on the sexual effects of integration was fairly typical of the message most white supremacist groups propagated at the time. Note, however, that the fear of inter-racial sexual liasons was heightened and perhaps surpassed by one that those opposed to integration were too disorganized to do anything about it. As the creator of this flyer put it in the last panel: "We are so divided, that if a war started tomorrow, God only knows where we would land. Our enemy is organized--but we are not." The author of these words thus asserted his or her belief that the world should be strictly separated into only two camps, even while betraying the fact that it currently was not.
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Group Research, Inc. Records
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Series I: Topical Files. Box no. 76, Folder no. Citizens' Councils Their material
printed ephemera
printed ephemera
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Citizens' Councils of America: Dallas (Tex.). 1969
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Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University
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