There is No Progress without the Faith, Confidence and Risk Capital of the Investor


Investors in America, Inc. (Creator)
There is No Progress without the Faith, Confidence and Risk Capital of the Investor
First organized in the 1940s, Investors in America, Inc. sought to turn ownership of shares in publicly-traded companies into a basis for political identity. By the mid-1960s, the organization claimed a membership of 1.4 million people in the US and abroad. The pamphlet pictured here was designed to promote one of its newsletters, Investors Clarion, in 1970. Featuring the words of its longtime pres ident, Nick Papolos, the brochure vacillated between vague pronouncements about how "investors, our companies, labor, and government . . . must all defeat the problems of the cities, crime, hunger, water and air pollution," and more concrete complaints about the effects of corporate taxes. Above all, Papolos argued that "the challenge that faces us today [in 1970]" was from foreign competition of Japanese and German corporations that had accomplished "what Japan and Germany could not do militarily." In this context, the pamphlet’s reliance on the images of the US flag and the seal of the United States, combined with a call to "Awake and Survive" and "Join Today!" seems calculated to resonate as not merely patriotic, but militantly so.
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Group Research, Inc. Records
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Series III: States. Box no. 414, Folder no. Florida
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Investors in America, Inc: Saint Petersburg (Fla.). 1970-11
November, 1970
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Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University
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