Oral history interview with Marvin Gilbert, 1991


Gilbert, Marvin, 1939- (Interviewee)
Resnik, Susan, 1940- (Interviewer)
Oral history interview with Marvin Gilbert, 1991
Other Titles
Reminiscences of Marvin Gilbert : oral history, 1991; Oral history of Marvin Gilbert, 1991
Early involvement in hemophilia treatment at Mt. Sinai and as co-director of NHF; advent of cryoprecipitate as treatment for hemophilia; development of total knee replacements and of arthroscopic surgery and their use in people with hemophilia; references to hemophilia in Egyptian papyruses and in the Talmud; nineteen century literary references to hemophilia; living with hemophilia before recent t reatment developments; development of hemophilia treatment center at Mt. Sinai; advent of physical therapy instead of bracing to treat joint problems in people with hemophilia; component of "hemophilia community"; distinction between being involved and being committed; differences between hemophilia and other chronic diseases; ethical considerations regarding HIV and performing surgery; advent of HIV in hemophilia population - early considerations, phenomenon of denial regarding HIV; hemophilia care providers in international community; hemophilia care in United States versus in other countries; leadership and activities of WFH; discussion of various surgeries to correct joint problems in people with hemophilia; current treatment with Factor VIII made from recombinant DNA; testimony to Senate subcommittee for funding purposes
Collection Name
Hemophilia oral history collection
Hemophilia--History.--United States; Hemophilia--Social aspects; Hemophilia--Political aspects; AIDS (Disease)--History.--United States; Physicians; Gilbert, Marvin, 1939-; World Federation of Hemophilia
oral histories; sound recordings
Interviewed by Susan Resnik on January 4 and September 6, 1991
Note (Provenance)
Susan Resnik, Gift, circa 1992
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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