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Accuracy in Media, inc. (Creator)
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AIM Speakers Bureau
Reed Irvine (pictured at far left) started Accuracy in Media, Inc. ("AIM"), in 1969 as a volunteer group that wrote letters critical of liberal views to journalists and news organizations. AIM became a more formal institution when it began publishing the AIM Report in 1972, a digest devoted to correcting news stories the organization felt had been inaccurately reported by the "mainstream" media. AI M eventually added the speaker’s bureau advertised in the pictured brochure in order to further expand their reach by providing "an impressive array of speakers who can . . . [show] how the media have misled the public in matters of grave importance." The topics covered by the bureau’s speakers focused especially on "media accuracy, international affairs, national security, [and] media manipulation." Group Research, Inc. collected the pictured brochure in late 1990 at a conservative conference. Its graffiti-style headline attempted to promote AIM’s speakers as culturally relevant--the brochure describes their talks as "spell-binding" and "lively"--even as the red/blue color scheme conservatively suggested patriotism. The inclusion of biographies for the advertised speakers appealed to the desired rationality of AIM’s audience, while the smiling head shots attempted to make the speakers seem approachable. AIM’s target audience is belied by the fact that only one of the twenty-eight speakers featured in this brochure was a woman, while twenty-four of them were white men.
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Group Research, Inc. Records
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Series I: Topical Files. Box no. 1, Folder no. Accuracy In Media, 1986-
Baron, Murray; Wiley, Charles; Goulden, Joseph C., 1934-; Kincaid, Cliff; Droge, Dolf; Irvine, Reed
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printed ephemera
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Washington (D.C.)
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Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University
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