Autumn Forests and Jade-green Mountain Peaks


Gao, Cen, ca. 1618-after 1682 (Attributed name)
Autumn Forests and Jade-green Mountain Peaks
Other Titles
Qiulin bixiu 秋林碧岫
The painting shows two hermits sitting along pine trees in the foreground with a stream coming down before them. Three bold trees are to the right and above a waterfall, then rising into mountains and clouds. The imposing mountains are in monochrome, while colors--green, light red and brown--are subtly applied to suggest the autumn season.
Accession Number
drawings; watercolors (paintings)
Chinese (culture or style)
Figures (representations); Landscapes (representations)
Origin Information
Second half of 17th century
Physical Description
1 hanging scroll ; image 76 1/4 x 37 1/2 in. (199.6 x 95.3 cm), scroll size, open: 109 1/4 x 40 3/8 in. (283.4 x 102.5cm)
Note (Period)
Qing dynasty
Note (Medium/support)
Ink and colors on silk
Note (Inscriptions/signatures)
Upper left: Qiu lin bi xiu, xie yu Mo zui xuan zhong, San shan jiao yin Gao Cen 秋林碧岫 寫于墨醉軒中 三山樵隐 高岑; Gao Cen zhi yin 高岑之印 (artist seal; intaglio in square); Lang xian 朗僊 (artist seal; relief in square)
Note (Ownership)
Gift of Chi-Ch'ien Wang to the Art History Department
The attribution is made to Gao Cen because there is an argument that the painter of this scroll, Gao Cen, using the pen name "Sanshan jiaoyin" is different from Gao Cen (ca. 1618-after 1682) who is often mentioned as one of the Eight Great Masters of Nanjing. The issue of identification remains unresolved.
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