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Citizens for Constitutional Rights Newsletter
The cover of this flyer brings together several widely-used icons of conservative thought in order to highlight the Citizens for Constitutional Rights ("CCR") organization's views on the Federal Reserve System and federal taxation. Like many conservative organizations, the CCR used the Liberty Bell to symbolize a connection to an idyllic patriotic past, while the image of Uncle Sam under some form of attack (in this case, being thrown off a cliff in the inset drawing) was a popular way to suggest how far the country had strayed from the values of that era. The fan of money at the center of this flyer suggested the nature of the specific failure that the CCR envisioned. Many conservatives who were angry about what they perceived to be the growing reach of the federal government expressed their feelings with worries about how this expansion would be paid for. In this context, the ability of the federal government to "print money" (a common oversimplification of the Federal Reserve system) and collect income taxes became easy targets for opponents of federal power who felt that it impeded on their own rights. As this flyer typically asked, "Would YOU like to Create All this Money--for Less than 8 cents? TAX Free!" Under the headline "The Great ‘Federal Income Tax’ Fraud," the back of the flyer asserted that the Federal Reserve banks and the Internal Revenue Service were unconstitutional. Given the enduring nature of both tax denial and criticism of the Federal Reserve among libertarian activists and politicians, many readers may well have followed the flyer's instruction "to copy and distribute all or any page herein . . . . in the interest of truth & Knowledge."
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Group Research, Inc. Records
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Series III: States. Box no. 421, Folder no. Ohio
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (U.S.)
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Citizens for Constitutional Rights Committee: North Canton (Ohio). 1974
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Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University
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