Concert from Peking


Voice of Korea (Broadcaster)
Zhong yang ren min guang bo dian tai (Beijing, China) (Broadcaster)
Taiwan Broadcasting System (Broadcaster)
Conant, Theodore Richards, 1926-2015 (Former owner)
Concert from Peking
Side 1. 1) Radio Pyongyang - North Korean song - "Americans Our Enemy We hate You" 2) Maj. ( ) Hong Kong Press Relations and advertising consultant - original recording 3) "American Our enemy" etc. 2nd take 4) Shanghai University Students musical "Yankee Go Home!" patriotic songs 5) Chinese harp 6) Chinese string quartet 7) Oboe solo - "The Shepherdess" / Side 2. Sunday concert "Radio Peking" 1) Ra ul Robeson "The Four Rivers" 2) vocal music accompanied with Chinese harp. Ballads from Yu-lin 3) Suite for violin + piano (in "light music" category) 4) popular favorite "One Day Equals Twenty Years" June 20, 1960 5) folk piano concerto 6) Taiwan broadcasting system - Chinese instrumental music
Collection Name
Theodore Richards Conant Collection
Archival Context
Series III: Audio Visual. Subseries III.3: Audio. Box no. 24, Folder no. audio_073
China; Korea (North)
sound recordings; music
Radio programs; Folk music
undated (circa 1960)
Physical Description
2 audio files (59 minutes)
Original format: 1/4" open-reel audio
Note (Date note)
Date approximated from item contents.
English; Korean; Chinese
Library Location
C.V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University
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