Oral history interview with Deana Arsenian, 2012


Arsenian, Deana, 1958- (Interviewee)
Gavrilis, George (Interviewer)
Oral history interview with Deana Arsenian, 2012
Vice President, International Program and Program Director, Russia and Eurasia. Carnegie Corporation of New York. Early life and education: birth in Yerevan, parents' and grandparents' upbringing in Greece, ethnically Armenian family, upbringing in Moscow, father's work in entertainment industry, immigration to Massachusetts, the collapse of the Soviet Union; college and graduate school: Briarclif fe College, transfer to Barnard College, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, study of Soviet Union, Marshall D. Shulman, recruitment to Carnegie Corporation by David A. Hamburg; first tenure at Carnegie Corporation: the Cold War, David A. Hamburg, Avoiding Nuclear War, Frederic A. Mosher; reflections on work in Russia and former Soviet states: the Aspen Institute, Muslims in Russia, Eurasia; life in Rhode Island and tenure at Brown University: marriage to Mark Malkasian, work at Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University; meeting Vartan Gregorian; return to Carnegie Corporation in 1997: U.S.-Russia relations, Vartan Gregorian, Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, Higher Education in the Former Soviet Union, Centers for Advanced Study and Education, Basic Research in Higher Education program, McKinsey & Company, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Russian Ministry of Education and Science, INO Center, Russian Ministry of Education and Science, Carnegie Moscow Center, Carnegie Endowment for Peace, Russian Initiative, Open Society Foundation, Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, the Open Society Institute, the International Peace and Security Program, the Higher Education and Libraries in Africa Program, Track II Diplomacy, the Islam Initiative, the Carnegie Scholars Program, September 11th 2001, Stephen J. Del Rosso, Arab Awakening, States at Risk program, Nuclear Threat Initiative, Program on Strategic Stability Evaluation.
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Carnegie Corporation project. Part 3
Education, Higher--Africa; Libraries--Africa; Administrators; Charitable uses, trusts, and foundations--Political activity; Endowments; Russia Education (Higher); Arsenian, Deana; Gregorian, Vartan; Carnegie Corporation of New York
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157 pages; 1 digital audio file (96 min.); 1 digital audio file (83 min.); 1 digital audio file (86 min.); 1 digital audio file (78 min.)
Note (Biographical)
Corporate Vice President.
Interviewed by George Gavrilis on April 9 and April 16, 2012.
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Gift of Deana Arsenian
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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