Oral history interview with Craig Epson-Nelms, 1991


Epson-Nelms, Craig (Interviewee)
Oral history interview with Craig Epson-Nelms, 1991
Other Titles
Reminiscences of Craig Epson-Nelms : oral history, 1991; Oral history of Craig Epson-Nelms, 1991
Lack of good medical care for people with hemophilia before advent of cryoprecipitate; death of brother with hemophilia due to misdiagnosis; memories of lengthy hospitalizations for bleeding episodes; relationships with other people with hemophilia, nurses, physicians, etc., in the hospital; medical care of people with hemophilia in the U.S. Navy; lack of knowledge of/access to regional hemophilia treatment centers; family background; religious and racial issues in childhood; cigarette smoking and drug use among people with hemophilia; experiences at "hemophilia camp"; the change from Navy medical care to care at regional hemophilia treatment center; change from cryoprecipitate to concentrate in 1980; probable exposure to HIV at this time; involvement in extracurricular activities in high school; early experiences with HIV positivity; early sexual experiences; involvement in peer counseling for AIDS community group; experiences working for a hemophilia home-care company; animosity within hemophilia community toward homosexual people; experiences with social workers in hemophilia community and in AIDS community; development of a gay community in cities in South Carolina; development of a hemophilia community in cities in North and South Carolina; "tribe" versus "community" or "culture"; importance of accepting diversity in the "tribe"
Collection Name
Hemophilia oral history collection
Hemophilia--History.--United States; Hemophilia--Social aspects; Hemophilia--Political aspects; AIDS (Disease)--History.--United States; Epson-Nelms, Craig
oral histories; sound recordings
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Susan Resnik, Gift, circa 1992
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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