Oral history interview with Bruce Evatt, 1991


Evatt, Bruce L (Interviewee)
Oral history interview with Bruce Evatt, 1991
Other Titles
Reminiscences of Bruce Evatt : oral history, 1991; Oral history of Bruce Evatt, 1991
Early work in blood coagulation at CDC (Centers for Disease Control), leading to interest in persons with hemophilia; involvement in setting up comprehensive hemophilia care program in Atlanta, Georgia; involvement in helping to develop monoclonal antibody for Factor VIII at CDC; early realization that HIV might be infecting people with hemophilia through the blood supply; difficulties of convincin g the Federal Drug Administration, blood banks, and the leadership of the National Hemophilia Foundation that AIDS was transmitted via the blood supply, complicated by a lack of understanding of epidemiological trends; components of the hemophilia community; difficulties in dealing with issues of sexual transmission and HIV testing among people with hemophilia; appearance of HIV in wives of people with hemophilia; issues of funding regarding HIV prevention in people with hemophilia; increased consumer voice among the hemophilia community; "the model" of comprehensive care for hemophilia; importance of looking at individual patients as well as at epidemiological trends; economic issues regarding hemophilia treatment
Collection Name
Hemophilia oral history collection
Hemophilia--History.--United States; Hemophilia--Social aspects; Hemophilia--Political aspects; AIDS (Disease)--History.--United States; Physicians; Evatt, Bruce L; National Hemophilia Foundation; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S.)
oral histories; sound recordings
Note (Provenance)
Susan Resnik, Gift, circa 1992
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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