Oral history interview with Irving Kristol, 1995


Kristol, Irving (Interviewee)
Dorman, Joseph, 1958- (Interviewer)
Oral history interview with Irving Kristol, 1995
The oral history interview with Irving Kristol contains various interview footage and other footage that was used for the 1998 documentary "Arguing the World." An associated, undigitized transcript only partially covers the content found in the video footage. Footage corresponding to video tapes 1-7 is a conversation with Kristol on the street. The footage on tape 1 and much of tape 2 is general st reet scenes of the Upper West Side in the 1990s, without Kristol. The interview with Kristol on the street is included in the transcript. The footage found on tapes 8-10 are an interview with Kristol in an office setting. Footage found on tapes 11-12 is of Kristol in a roundtable discussion. Tapes 13-17 contain an additional interview. Content found on tapes 8-17 is not included in the transcript. Tapes 18-22 include another interview, which is partially covered by the transcript. Coverage in the associated, undigitized transcript ends partway through tape 21 Transcribed segments cover the following subjects: Youth; family; effect of Depression on, economic conditions of; City College of New York (CCNY) 1936-1940, political life of, students, anticommunism, Trotskyism at, role of anti-Stalinist left; Partisan Review, impact of; United States Army service, effects of; editor Commentary Magazine 1947-1952, and Jewish identity; England 1953-1958; Cold War culture; liberal anticommunism and McCarthyism; New York intellectuals, seriousness of, reading of, politics of; New Left, reactions to; neoconservatism; The Public Interest, founding of; response to Holocaust; university life 1970s-
Collection Name
Arguing the World oral history collection
New York (N.Y.) Intellectual life 20th century; Kristol, Irving
oral histories; video recordings
Note (Biographical)
Interviewed by Joseph Dorman on August 3, 5, October 25, 31, 1994; November 29, 30, 1995
Note (Provenance)
Joseph Dorman, Gift 1998
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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