Oral history interview with Nathan Glazer, 1995


Glazer, Nathan (Interviewee)
Dorman, Joseph, 1958- (Interviewer)
Oral history interview with Nathan Glazer, 1995
The oral history interview with Nathan Glazer contains various interview footage and other footage that was used for the 1998 documentary "Arguing the World." An associated, undigitized transcript only partially covers the content found in the video footage. Video corresponding to tapes 1-2 is of Glazer giving a lecture. Video corresponding to tapes 3-11 is an oral history interview. Video correspo nding to tapes 12-14 is of Nathan Glazer visiting his childhood neighborhood on Kelly Street in the Bronx. Footage associated with tapes 1-14 is covered by the transcript. Video corresponding to tapes 15-17 is of Glazer at City College. Video corresponding to tape 18 is of Glazer in conversation in an outdoor setting. Video corresponding to tapes 19-20 is of Glazer in conversation with young people. Video corresponding to tapes 21-26 is an additional oral history interview. Video footage from tapes 15-26 is not included in the associated, undigitized transcript. Transcribed segments cover the following subjects: Youth; family, father's socialism; identity as Jew and antisemitism; City College of New York (CCNY), 1940-1944; politics, student Zionism, Socialist Zionism; anticommunism; Partisan Review, influence of; editor Commentary 1945-1953; Cold War; influence of Communist Party; liberal opposition to CP, in academy; definition as liberal; shifting views of United States among New York intellectuals, and Jewish identity; University of California, Berkeley 1964; Free Speech Movement (FSM); response to and disagreement with the New Left
Collection Name
Arguing the World oral history collection
New York (N.Y.) Intellectual life 20th century; Glazer, Nathan
oral histories; video recordings
Interviewed by Joseph Dorman on April 22, August 16, 1991; August 5, October 25, 1994; April 28, September 27, 1995
Note (Provenance)
Joseph Dorman, Gift 1998
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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