DEATH! to the Traitors

Sam Adams Committee of Public Safety (Creator)
DEATH! to the Traitors
This panel appeared as part of a white supremacist manifesto published circa 1970 by the Illinois-based Sam Adams Committee on Public Safety, and distributed by the National States Rights Party (see: "Vote Right-Vote White-Vote States Rights," below). As the publication explained, the Sam Adams Committee "has been founded to reassert the political functioning of the Whitefolk majority within our Un ited States of America" (emphasis in original) through a combination of propaganda and political campaigning. The author's use of the passive voice in describing the Committee's origin betrayed a typical tendency by such conspiracy-driven groups to hide the identity of their members. The name "Sam Adams Committee on Public Safety" explicitly attempted to link modern white supremacy with the American Revolution. This theme is repeated at several points throughout the document, including one instance where its author compared school desegregation in Little Rock, Arkansas with the Revolution’s battle at Concord, Massachusetts. This rhetorical move is also on display in the pictured image, which suggests that white supremacy--as represented by the lynching of an African American--is a fundamental aspect of US heritage. But this is also a tragic image, suggesting that this heritage has been lost by what the screed elsewhere refers to as "the insidious forces of diversion and subversion within our midst."
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Series I: Topical Files. Box no. 246, Folder no. National States Rights Party Miscellaneous distributed materials
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printed ephemera
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Sam Adams Committee of Public Safety. 1970
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