Oral history interview with Stephen J. Del Rosso, 2012


Del Rosso, Stephen (Interviewee)
Farber, Myron (Interviewer)
Oral history interview with Stephen J. Del Rosso, 2012
Birth and early years: upbringing and schooling in Quincy, Massachusetts; education: Tufts University, London School of Economics, Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania; early work and career: Presidential Management Intern Program, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Foreign Service; tenure with the Foreign Service: Washington, D.C., Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Iran-C ontra affair, George P. Schultz (Secretary of State), Cold War; family: wife, two children; work at Pew Charitable Trusts: grantmaking, work with Carnegie Corporation of New York with Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict; tenure at Chicago Council on Foreign Relations: meeting Vartan Gregorian; Carnegie Corporation of New York: Vartan Gregorian, McKinsey & Company, The International Peace and Security Program, Andrew Carnegie, Avoiding Nuclear War program, David A. Hamburg, North Korea, Russia (former Soviet Union), Iran, Track II diplomacy, Patricia L. Rosenfield, The Price of Peace, New Dimensions of Security, Deana Arsenian, September 11, States at Risk program, International Peace and Security program, Dynamics of Global Power subprogram, China, Arab Awakening, MacArthur Foundation, Gates Foundation, responsibility to protect (R2P), Council on Foreign Relations, Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Foreign Affairs, Nuclear Threat Initiative and Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program.
Collection Name
Carnegie Corporation project. Part 3
Iran-Contra Affair, 1985-1990; International relations; Arms control; Research institutes; Del Rosso, Stephen; Shultz, George P., 1920-2021; Carnegie Corporation of New York; Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict; Chicago Council on Foreign Relations; Pew Charitable Trusts; Foreign Service Institute (U.S.)
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193 pages; 1 digital audio file (107 min.); 1 digital audio file (141 min.); 1 digital audio file (114 min.)
Note (Biographical)
Program Director, International Peace and Security, Carnegie Corporation of New York
Interviewed by Myron Farber on April 4, April 13, and July 19, 2012.
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Stephen J. Del Rosso, Gift 2015
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Columbia Center for Oral History, Columbia University
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