[Document, 1825 May n.d.]


Jay, John, 1745-1829 (Author)
American Bible Society (Addressee)
[Document, 1825 May n.d.]
The pleasure of seeing the prosperous and promising state of affairs mingles with the sorrow of the recent death of the late vice-president of the Society. Discusses the distribution of the Bible without note or comment as has been the policy hitherto, since discordancies arouse passions and give rise to doubts and diminished faith. One sort of comment, by introducing contempt for scripture and doc trines, resulted in the public displays of profaneness and ferocity in the last century. Even among professing Christians are those who have interpreted Biblical passages to render them auxiliary to particular purposes. Other commentators have tried to dispel mysteries through reason, without recollecting that "no man can explain what no man can understand." This Bible Society has wisely declined disturbing its union by attempting a judicious selection of comments, especially as individual members are free to circulate their favorite authors as they think proper. In order that the Apostles be able to preach the Gospel to every creature, they were endowed with diverse languages and supernatural signs to prove the truth of their doctrine. The Bible contains their writings which establish a standard for future generations and require no further miracles in confirmation. An extensive distribution of the Bible tends directly to facilitate the progress of the Gospel throughout the world; we should therefore continue to promote it with zeal.
United States--History--1783-1865; Jay, John, 1745-1829
1825 May n.d.
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