Document, 1664 August 27

Document, 1664 August 27
The 23 articles, signed by John de Decker et al. for the Dutch and by Robert Carr et al. for the English, are to be delivered to Peter Stuyvesant, Dutch Governor of New Netherlands. They include the following provisions: that the inhabitants shall continue free denizens, enjoy their land, houses, goods, and ships, and dispose of them as they please; t hat any people may come from the Netherlands to plant; that the Dutch shall enjoy their own customs concerning inheritances; that all contracts or bargains made in the ceded land before 27 August 1664 shall be determined according to the manner of the Dutch; that Dutch officers and soldiers may continue to live as planters with 50 acres of land, or as servants. From the New York Secretary's Office, Lib. Entries I, 23, certified by Goldsbrow Banyar. Entered before the Commission to settle the boundary between New York and New Jersey 31 July 1769.
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783; Jay, John, 1745-1829
1664 August 27
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