[Document, 1830 July 15]


Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851 (Author)
Jay, Peter A. (Peter Augustus), 1776-1843 (Addressee)
[Document, 1830 July 15]
Begins to think of returning to America with his family, though the youngest children are just beginning to reap advantages from their travels. Preferred Italy and finds Germany "tame." The commonest items in New York are luxuries on the Continent. Europe is divided into two parties, those trying to reap the advantages of the Revolution and those trying to arrest them. The Church is trying to regai n its lost influence, and is supported by many who fear melioration of government will destroy Christianity. The English system is greatly favored in Europe, where it is considered as encouraging monopoly under pretense of liberality and freedom. England's objects are to preserve monopolies and aristocracy and therefore to avoid war and revolution. The King and Dauphine are unpopular in France and there is a powerful party in favor of are public. If the King yields he will become a pageant as in England. The latter might risk war rather than see France firmly in Africa. Is convinced that Napoleon's success lay in the slowness of Germans; Italians would have beaten him had they not wished a change of masters. Riots occurred during a recent celebration of the Reformation. Regrets that America does not make greater show of naval force. If illiberals of Europe gain ascendancy we will struggle for existence. Thinks England now at work in Southern states to separate the Union; their rise depends on our downfall. Discusses the Anti-Union party in Carolina, agrees on states' rights question. On slavery, would we not react the same were property and life in jeopardy? Quotes a South Carolina paper that the Union can be divided into five parts; this is English, not American idea. One work nearly finished, another in progress. Now has the means of doing something else and hopes to leave off writing as he never liked it except as are source against poverty.
United States--History--1783-1865; Jay, John, 1745-1829
July 15, 1830
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