[Document, 1776 October 06]


Jay, John, 1745-1829 (Author)
Morris, Robert, 1734-1806 (Addressee)
[Document, 1776 October 06]
Typed transcription of description in Stan. V. Henkels Catalog, 16 January 1917. If John Jay had had absolute power in New York State last spring he would have deserted Long Island, Staten Island, Manhattan Island, and all that part of Westchester below the hills. He would have placed the main body of the army on the eastern side, and eight to ten thousand men in the highlands on the west side of t he Hudson. He would have shallowed the river and fortified all southern passes in the mountains. This would render New York virtually impregnable on the sea side. But Governor Tryon and his adherents have been successful in spreading dissension so that "I Cannot at present obtain Permission to return to Congress." However, as long as "whimsical Constituents" retain Morris in Congress, America's interests are safe. Jay wishes that the secret committee would communicate no information other than that necessary to promote the common good. A copy of a letter from "Arthur Lee" was sent by a member of congress to a gentleman not in Congress. Jay saw this copy himself, but cannot with propriety mention the names of those concerned. Letter seems to be incomplete. Complementary close missing.
United States--History--Revolution, 1775-1783; Jay, John, 1745-1829
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October 06, 1776
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