[Document, 1721 August 14]


Swartwout, Jacobus, Jr. (Author)
Burnet, William, 1688-1729 (Addressee)
Swartwout, Thomas (Author)
[Document, 1721 August 14]
The petitioners, having lived for about thirty years at a place called Mackaghkamack near the division between the provinces of New York and New Jersey, obtained in 1697 a royal patent from Governor Fletcher of New York for these lands as well as a title from the Proprietors of New Jersey, in case the lands should happen to fall in that province. On or about 2 August 1721,Johannes Westphal, and sev eral others, together with the sheriffs of Ulster and Orange counties, came under pretense of a warrant from Governor Burnet, upon the land of the petitioners seized their grain, and took them prisoners. Because it is not determined in which province or county the petitioners' lands lie, they are without any recourse in the common law. The petitioners ask that Burnet consider their case, and make his judgment on it. Burnet, in reply, orders that the plaintiffs provide Johannes Westphale et al. with a copy of their petition in a fortnight, and that all parties appear before him in council on 5 October 1721. From the Secretary's Office, New York, Office of the Clerk of the Council. Examined by Goldsbrow Banyar. Entered before the Commission to settle the boundary between New York and New Jersey, 24 August 1761.
United States--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775; Jay, John, 1745-1829
August 14, 1721
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