[Document, 1768 April 27]


Peloquin, Maryann (Author)
[Document, 1768 April 27]
In a will and nine codicils disposing of real and personal property and a total of 31,300 pounds in cash, monetary bequests to individuals range from 5 pounds to 8000 pounds. Trusts for the benefit of individuals range from 3000 pounds to 8000 pounds. Two trusts for municipal, church, and hospital charities amount to 24000 pounds. Other direct bequests to charities amount to 2300 pounds. In the fir st codicil, dated 27 April 1768, bequests of 1000 pounds to Peter Jay,500 pounds to Sir James Jay, 1000 pounds to Mrs. Frances Cortlandt, 500 pounds to James Van Cortlandt, her son, and 500 pounds to the son of Judith Van Horn are listed among other individual bequests ranging from 5 pounds to 3000 pounds. A memorandum dated 1 June 1768 disposes of personal property to friends and servants. The other codicils are: #2: 21 July 1768, totaling 2950 pounds; #3: 26 January 1769, totaling 3900 pounds; #4: 19 November 1769, totaling 3210 pounds, including bequests to Augustus Jay, 100 pounds; Eve Munro, 500 pounds; Ann Jay 500 pounds; and 500 pounds each to Peter, John, and Frederick Jay; #5: 4 March 1771, change in executors and in recipient of an annuity; #6: 5December 1772, change in executors; 7: n.d. [after 5 December 1772], replacement of a direct bequest by a trust; #8 n.d. [after 5 December 1772], totaling 2310 pounds; #9: 14 April 1778, a bequest of 500 pounds. The largest amounts are left to Bernard Lewis Ziegleier (2000 pounds), John Peter Yvronnet (8000 pounds), Susannah Yvronnet (2000 pounds), and Maria Casamajor (2000 pounds). Maryann Peloquin's American relatives received a total of 6100 pounds, but no share of her real or personal property. DSS, partly in the hand of Maryann Peloquin.
United States--History--Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775; Jay, John, 1745-1829
April 27, 1768
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