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Annie Allen

21. Annie Allen

Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-2000
Anno regni Gulielmi III Reg...

22. Anno regni Gulielmi III Regis Angliae, Scotiae, Franciae & Hiberniae, Decimo

England and Wales. Sovereign (1694-1702 : William III)
Apple-Blossoms: Verses of T...

23. Apple-Blossoms: Verses of Two Children

Eastman, Elaine Goodale, 1863-1953
    Arabian Nights Ente...

24. The Arabian Nights Entertainments

Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912

25. Arch

Scripps College. Press
Argalus and Parthenia

28. Argalus and Parthenia

Quarles, Francis, 1592-1644
Arithmetiqve made easie

29. Arithmetiqve made easie

Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656
Arts Glory, or, The Pen-Man...

30. Arts Glory, or, The Pen-Mans Treasury

Cocker, Edward, 1631-1675
Atalanta in Calydon: A Tragedy

31. Atalanta in Calydon: A Tragedy

Swinburne, Algernon Charles, 1837-1909
Ballads and Sonnets

35. Ballads and Sonnets

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, 1828-1882
    Balloon Travels, of...
    Battle of the Bays

37. The Battle of the Bays

Seaman, Owen, 1861-1936
    Bentley Ballads

39. The Bentley Ballads

Doran, Dr. (John), 1807-1878