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Executive Order, Equal Oppo...

21. Executive Order, Equal Opportunity in Housing

Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
Federalist Number 5

22. Federalist Number 5

Jay, John, 1745-1829
First Tony award for Best B...
Frankenstein, or, The moder...

24. Frankenstein, or, The modern Prometheus

Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, 1797-1851
Hiroshima Project
Hornbook mould
    House on Henry Street

27. The House on Henry Street

Wald, Lillian D., 1867-1940
Howl (for Carl Solomon)

28. Howl (for Carl Solomon)

Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997
Impressions of America

29. Impressions of America

Curie, Marie, 1867-1934
Indian Suite, [Suite No. 2,...

30. Indian Suite, [Suite No. 2, Op. 48]

MacDowell, Edward, 1860-1908
Interview with Fidel Castro...

31. Interview with Fidel Castro in Sierra Maestras Mountains

Matthews, Herbert Lionel, 1900-

32. Journal

Kemble, Fanny, 1809-1893

33. Journal

Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980
Journal & Rules of the Coun...
    Judy Garland Story

35. The Judy Garland Story

Garland, Judy
Kiss Me, Kate, "Script A"

36. Kiss Me, Kate, "Script A"

Spewack, Bella Cohen, 1899-1990
Laboratory notebook, record...
Leaves of Grass

38. Leaves of Grass

Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892

39. Letterbook

Milton, John, 1608-1674

40. Letterbooks

Clinton, DeWitt, 1769-1828