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Seven Storey Mountain

82. Seven Storey Mountain

Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968
South African treason trial...
    Specimen by W. Caslon...
Statement on Nuremberg Tria...
Surrender on Demand

87. Surrender on Demand

Fry, Varian, 1907-1967
Tender Buttons, Objects, Fo...

88. Tender Buttons, Objects, Food, Rooms

Stein, Gertrude, 1874-1946
Three Mysterious Fires: Com...
Two Stories

91. Two Stories

Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941
Typed letter, signed, to Ro...

92. Typed letter, signed, to Robert A. Franks

Carnegie, Andrew, 1835-1919

93. Ulysses

Joyce, James, 1882-1941
Various & Valuable Sketches...
Working notes and outline f...
    Yellow Wall Paper

97. The Yellow Wall Paper

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, 1860-1935