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Aepitoma Omnis Phylosophiae...

1. Aepitoma Omnis Phylosophiae, Alias, Margarita Phylosophica

Reisch, Gregor, -1525
Algorithmus Integrorum cum ...

2. Algorithmus Integrorum cum Probis Annexis

Widmann, Johannes, approximately 1460-approximately 1500
Ars Grammatica

3. Ars Grammatica

Diomedes (Grammarian), active 4th century
Ars Minor

4. Ars Minor

Donatus, Aelius
Ars Minor

5. Ars Minor

Donatus, Aelius
Child’s Primer

6. Child’s Primer

Commentaries on Aristotle

7. Commentaries on Aristotle

Nicolas d'Orbelles
Commentarius in Ciceronis p...

8. Commentarius in Ciceronis pro Milone

Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Computus cum Commento

9. Computus cum Commento

De Constructione

10. De Constructione

Priscian, active approximately 500-530
De Disciplina Scholarium

11. De Disciplina Scholarium

De Educatione Puerorum ad R...

12. De Educatione Puerorum ad Regem Bohemiae Ladislaum

Pius II, Pope, 1405-1464
De Institutione Arithmetica

13. De Institutione Arithmetica

Boethius, -524
De Institutione Musica

14. De Institutione Musica

Boethius, -524
De Rhetorica Seu de Arte Di...

15. De Rhetorica Seu de Arte Dicendi Libri Tres, Graecolat

De Sphaera Mundi

16. De Sphaera Mundi

Sacro Bosco, Joannes de, active 1230
De Verborum Copia

17. De Verborum Copia


18. Elementa

Elementa Geometriae

19. Elementa Geometriae

Etymologiarum Libri

20. Etymologiarum Libri

Isidore, of Seville, Saint, -636