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Pontoon Bridge In Liuchow

81. Pontoon Bridge In Liuchow

Bowermaster, J.C.
Pontoon Ferry

82. Pontoon Ferry

Shemorry, W. E.
Putting In Stretcher

83. Putting In Stretcher

Rosset, Barney
Repaired Bridge In Kweiyang

84. Repaired Bridge In Kweiyang

Rosset, Barney
Roadside Repair

85. Roadside Repair

Rosset, Barney
Rural Scene

86. Rural Scene

Rosset, Barney
Sailors In Shanghai

87. Sailors In Shanghai

Rosset, Barney
Searching Japanese For Fire...

88. Searching Japanese For Firearms

Kocourek, Technician Fourth Grade
Seated Man At Gun

89. Seated Man At Gun

Rosset, Barney
Setting Up Mortars

90. Setting Up Mortars

Rosset, Barney
Shanghai Riverfront With Kids

91. Shanghai Riverfront With Kids

Rosset, Barney
Smiling Woman

92. Smiling Woman

Rosset, Barney
Smoking the "Peace Pipe"

93. Smoking the "Peace Pipe"

Rosset, Barney
Soldiers of the 507th regiment

94. Soldiers of the 507th regiment

Rosset, Barney
Starving Man

95. Starving Man

Rosset, Barney
Sticks, Boats, River

96. Sticks, Boats, River

Rosset, Barney
Street Food Scene

97. Street Food Scene

Rosset, Barney
Street Scene, May '45

98. Street Scene, May '45

Rosset, Barney
Surrender Actually Signing

99. Surrender Actually Signing

Rosset, Barney
Surrender Facing Tables

100. Surrender Facing Tables

Loeb, Lieutenant