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1. Abecedarium

Aepitoma Omnis Phylosophiae...

2. Aepitoma Omnis Phylosophiae, Alias, Margarita Phylosophica

Reisch, Gregor, -1525
American Instructor: or, Yo...

4. American Instructor: or, Young Man's Best Companion

Fisher, George (Accomptant)
American Penman, Comprising...

5. American Penman, Comprising the Art of Writing, Plain and Ornamental

Huntington, Eleazer, 1789-1852
American Preceptor; being a...

6. American Preceptor; being a new Selection of Lessons for Reading and Speaking. Designed for the use of schools

Bingham, Caleb, 1757-1817
Arithmetiqve made easie

7. Arithmetiqve made easie

Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656
  • Name: Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656 (Contributor)
  • Collection Name: George Arthur Plimpton Library
  • Date: 1630
Arts Glory, or, The Pen-Man...

8. Arts Glory, or, The Pen-Mans Treasury

Cocker, Edward, 1631-1675
Atlas des Enfans, ou, Nouve...

9. Atlas des Enfans, ou, Nouvelle Méthode pour Apprendre la Géographie

Bruyset, Jean Marie, 1749-1817
Boke Named the Governour

10. Boke Named the Governour

Elyot, Thomas, Sir, 1490?-1546
Boke Named the Governour

11. Boke Named the Governour

Elyot, Thomas, Sir, 1490?-1546
Booke Containing Divers Sor...

12. Booke Containing Divers Sortes of Hands, as well the English as French Secretarie with the Italian, Roman, Chancelry & Court Hands

Beau-Chesne, Jehan de
Bust of Shakespeare

13. Bust of Shakespeare

Cherokee alphabet

14. Cherokee alphabet

Sequoyah, 1770?-1843
Child’s Primer

15. Child’s Primer

Chronique Universelle

16. Chronique Universelle

Commentaries on Aristotle

17. Commentaries on Aristotle

Nicolas d'Orbelles
Commentarius in Ciceronis p...

18. Commentarius in Ciceronis pro Milone

Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Confessio Amantis

19. Confessio Amantis

Gower, John, 1325?-1408
Course of Elementary Readin...

20. Course of Elementary Reading in Science and Literature

M'Culloch, J. M. (James Melville), 1801-1883
De Constructione

21. De Constructione

Priscian, active approximately 500-530
De Institutione Musica

22. De Institutione Musica

Boethius, -524
De Proprietatibus Rerum

23. De Proprietatibus Rerum

Bartholomaeus, Anglicus, active 13th century
De Rhetorica Seu de Arte Di...

24. De Rhetorica Seu de Arte Dicendi Libri Tres, Graecolat

De Sphaera Mundi

25. De Sphaera Mundi

Sacro Bosco, Joannes de, active 1230
De Verborum Copia

26. De Verborum Copia

Dean’s Recently Improved An...

27. Dean’s Recently Improved Analytical Guide, to the Art of Penmanship

Dean, Henry, 1788-1849
Dictionaire des Halles, ou,...

29. Dictionaire des Halles, ou, Extrait du Dictionnaire de l’Academie Françoise

Artaud, active 1696-1700
Directions for Writing. Set...

30. Directions for Writing. Set Forth for the Benefit of Poore Schollers

G. D.
Education of Chaucer Illust...

31. Education of Chaucer Illustrated from the Schoolbooks in Use in His Time

Plimpton, George A. (George Arthur), 1855-1936
Education of Shakespeare: I...

32. Education of Shakespeare: Illustrated from the Schoolbooks in Use in his Time

Plimpton, George A. (George Arthur), 1855-1936

33. Elementa

Elements of Geometrie of th...

34. Elements of Geometrie of the most auncient philosopher Euclide of Megara

Etymologiarum Libri

35. Etymologiarum Libri

Isidore, of Seville, Saint, -636
Familiarium Colloquiorum Fo...

36. Familiarium Colloquiorum Formulae, in Graciam Juventutis Recognite ab Erasmo Roterdamo

Erasmus, Desiderius, -1536
Fifteenth-Century Commonpla...

37. Fifteenth-Century Commonplace Book

  • Collection Name: George Arthur Plimpton Library
  • Date: circa 1450-1475
Fonotipic instructur, or, F...

38. Fonotipic instructur, or, Furst rediu buc for adults hw hav nevur ben tot tw red

Ellis, Alexander John, 1814-1890
Gaskell’s Complete Compendi...

39. Gaskell’s Complete Compendium of Elegant Writing

Gaskell, G. A. (George A.), 1844-
Geometrical Practical Treat...

40. Geometrical Practical Treatize Named Pantometria

Digges, Leonard, -approximately 1559
Ginn & Company's wr...

41. Ginn & Company's writing books

Ginn and Company
  • Name: Ginn and Company (Contributor)
  • Collection Name: George Arthur Plimpton Library
  • Date: 1892

42. Gradual

  • Collection Name: George Arthur Plimpton Library
  • Date: Mid 14th century
Gramaticall Cards, Comprisi...

43. Gramaticall Cards, Comprising the Generall Rules of Lilley’s Gramer

Lenthall, John, 1683-1765
Grammatica Latina Philippi ...

44. Grammatica Latina Philippi Melanchthonis

Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560
Gruenndtlich Formular mannc...

45. Gruenndtlich Formular manncherley Art Lateinischer unnd Teutscher Handschrifften

Brechtl, Stephan, 1523-1574
Guillelmi Lilij Angli Rudim...

46. Guillelmi Lilij Angli Rudimenta

Lily, William, 1468?-1522
Handwriting for the broad-e...

47. Handwriting for the broad-edge pen : a teachers' manual

Moore, Francis M. (Francis Marion), 1846-
Ilias; Ulyssea; Batrachomyo...

48. Ilias; Ulyssea; Batrachomyomachia; Hymni xxxii

  • Name: Homer (Author)
  • Collection Name: George Arthur Plimpton Library
  • Date: mense Iunio 1517
Journal of an African Slave...

49. Journal of an African Slaver, 1789-1792

American Antiquarian Society
Latin Grammar

50. Latin Grammar

Priscian, active approximately 500-530
Latin Grammar

51. Latin Grammar

Learned Maid, or Whether a ...

52. Learned Maid, or Whether a Maid may be a Scholar

Schurman, Anna Maria van, 1607-1678
Lectures on Language, as Pa...

53. Lectures on Language, as Particularly Connected with English Grammar. Designed for the Use of Teachers and Advanced Learners

Balch, William Stevens, 1806-1887
  • Collection Name: George Arthur Plimpton Library
  • Date: 1838
Liber mahometi de Algebra

54. Liber mahometi de Algebra

Khuwārizmī, Muḥammad ibn Mūsá, active 813-846
Margarita Philosophica

55. Margarita Philosophica

Reisch, Gregor, -1525
Margarita Philosophica

56. Margarita Philosophica

Reisch, Gregor, -1525
New Dictionary of the Terms...

58. New Dictionary of the Terms Ancient and Modern of the Canting Crew in its several tribes, of gypsies, beggars, thieves, cheats, &c

B. E.
Nichomachean Ethics, Politics

59. Nichomachean Ethics, Politics

Of the Advancement and Prof...

60. Of the Advancement and Proficience of Learning, or, the Partitions of Sciences

Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626
Operina di Ludouico Vicentino

61. Operina di Ludouico Vicentino

Arrighi, Ludovico degli
Orbis sensualium pictus

62. Orbis sensualium pictus

Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670
The Payson, Dunton, & S...

63. The Payson, Dunton, & Scribner Manual of Penmanship. P., D., & S. Authors: J. W. Payson, S. Dunton, W. M. Scribner, G. H. Shattuck, A. S. Manson

Payson, J. W. (Jesse Wentworth)
  • Collection Name: George Arthur Plimpton Library
  • Date: 1873

64. Penmanship

Lewis, Priscilla G.
Penmanship, or, The Beautie...

65. Penmanship, or, The Beauties of Writing Exemplified in a Variety of Specimens, Practical and Ornamental

Gould, Nathaniel D. (Nathaniel Duren), 1781-1864
Plan for the Conduct of Fem...

66. Plan for the Conduct of Female Education in Boarding Schools

Darwin, Erasmus, 1731-1802
Principles of Musik, in Sin...

67. Principles of Musik, in Singing and Setting : vvith the Two-Fold Use Therof, Ecclesiasticall and Civil

Butler, Charles, -1647

68. Processional

Catholic Church
Processional : Manuscript, ...

69. Processional : Manuscript, Flanders, 1351

Catholic Church
  • Name: Catholic Church (Creator)
  • Collection Name: George Arthur Plimpton Library
  • Date: 1351
Rara arithmetica : a catalo...

70. Rara arithmetica : a catalogue of the arithmetics written before the year MDCI

Smith, David Eugene, 1860-1944

71. Rechenbüchlein

Neudörffer, Johann, 1497-1563
  • Name: Neudörffer, Johann, 1497-1563 (Contributor)
  • Collection Name: George Arthur Plimpton Library
  • Date: 1492-1563
Rhetorica ad Herennium

72. Rhetorica ad Herennium

Rudiments of Conchology

73. Rudiments of Conchology

Venning, Mary Ann
Rudiments of Latin Prosody

74. Rudiments of Latin Prosody

Otis, James, 1725-1783
Sententiarum Libri IV

75. Sententiarum Libri IV

Peter Lombard, Bishop of Paris, approximately 1100-1160
Sixteenth-century Commonpla...

77. Sixteenth-century Commonplace Book

Spencerian key to practical...

78. Spencerian key to practical penmanship

Spencer, H. C. (Henry Caleb)
Strictures on the Modern Sy...

79. Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education

More, Hannah, 1745-1833
Student Notes on Aristotle’...

80. Student Notes on Aristotle’s Logical Works

Summa Arismetice

81. Summa Arismetice

Stefano Di Battista Degli Stefani Of Mercatello
Tabvlae Abcdariae Pveriles

82. Tabvlae Abcdariae Pveriles

La Place, Pierre de, 1520?-1572
Trattato d’Aritmetica Merca...

84. Trattato d’Aritmetica Mercantile


85. Trésor

Latini, Brunetto, 1220-1295
Tunaikeion, or, Nine Bookes...

86. Tunaikeion, or, Nine Bookes of Various History Concerning Women

Heywood, Thomas, approximately 1574-1641
Universal Penman

87. Universal Penman

Bickham, George, 1684?-1758?
Very fruteful and pleasant ...

88. Very fruteful and pleasant boke called the Instruction of a christen woman

Vives, Juan Luis, 1492-1540
Vindication of the Rights o...

89. Vindication of the Rights of Women

Wollstonecraft, Mary, 1759-1797
Writing exercise

90. Writing exercise

Maria Carolina, Queen, consort of Ferdinand I, King of the Two Sicilies, 1752-1814
Young Lady's Accidence,...

92. Young Lady's Accidence, or, A short and easy introduction to English grammar

Bingham, Caleb, 1757-1817