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Free Drawing: My House In A...
French Customhouse

62. French Customhouse

Planas, Jorge
Girls In The Washroom

63. Girls In The Washroom

Muro, Pilar
Girls With Books (or Sewing...
Green And Red (panzers) Bom...
Here I Have Drawn My Mother...
Hurricane In Flight

67. Hurricane In Flight

Puertas, José
Hydroplane Flying Over Ships

68. Hydroplane Flying Over Ships

Ancina, Moises
In This Drawing I Have Show...
Keeping A Sick Girl Company.

72. Keeping A Sick Girl Company.

Acín, Asunción

73. Laborer

Casado Gauderats, Pepita
Life In Madrid Before The War

74. Life In Madrid Before The War

Garcia Montaño, Guillermo
Life In The Colony.

75. Life In The Colony.

Alonso, Pepa
Life In The Country

76. Life In The Country

Marquez Martinez, Pablo
Military Hospital

77. Military Hospital

Montalban, Amparito
Mouth Of The Tunnel At Port...

79. Mouth Of The Tunnel At Port-bou

Rodriguez, Francisco
Movie Theaters And Shops In...
My Evacuation To France

81. My Evacuation To France

Bartrina, Eduardo
My Home Town!

82. My Home Town!

Gomez, Isidoro
My House In Madrid

83. My House In Madrid

Parronda, Joaquin
No 17

85. No 17

Aguirre, Enrique
Obuses Sobre Madrid.

86. Obuses Sobre Madrid.

Moreno, Manuel
Patrolling The Mountains

88. Patrolling The Mountains

Gomez, Isidoro
Playing In The Street

89. Playing In The Street

Gurrachaga, Benita
Playing With The Boys

90. Playing With The Boys

Sanchez Yaguez, Manuel
Reservoir And Pump House At...

91. Reservoir And Pump House At The Colony.

Coque, Francisco Carlos
Road To Valencia

92. Road To Valencia

Moreno, Manolo
Scene Of My Evacuation

93. Scene Of My Evacuation

Barrera, Maruja
Seeking Shelter In The Trees

94. Seeking Shelter In The Trees

Buaños, Josefa
Some Girls From The School ...
Table With Flowers.

96. Table With Flowers.

Vergara, Teresa
Tanks And Bombers

97. Tanks And Bombers

Francisco, Concepción
This Drawing Is A House Nex...
This Drawing Represents Thi...
This Drawing Shows 3 Childr...
This Drawing Shows A Cafe W...
This Drawing Shows An Evacu...

105. This Drawing Shows An Evacuation From Port-bou.

Verdaguer Fierraro, Juan
This Drawing Shows Farmers ...
This Drawing Shows My Mothe...
This Drawing Shows My Siste...
This Drawing Shows Our Evac...
This Drawing Shows Play-tim...
This Drawing Shows The Evac...
This Drawing Shows The Evac...
This Drawing Shows The Girl...

119. This Drawing Shows The Girls At Play Skipping Rope.

Cabezón Camarero, Domiciana
This Drawing Shows The Port...