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Three Men And A Cannon

141. Three Men And A Cannon

Roman, Arturo
Town Plaza

142. Town Plaza

Sanchez Bustos, Francisco
Train Tracks And Tunnel

143. Train Tracks And Tunnel

Ribas, Angelita
Tunnel To Cerbère.  The Chi...
Tunnel To France

145. Tunnel To France

Mollol, Marino
Two Blimps Flying Over A Gr...
Two Male Figures Greeting E...

147. Two Male Figures Greeting Each Other

Marquez Martinez, Antonio
Ventas Cinema

148. Ventas Cinema

Tejedor Humero, Rafael

149. War

Sanchez del Amo, Felix
War Scene

150. War Scene

Sanchez, Antonio
War Scene

151. War Scene

Gonzalez Escrivá, Jose
War Scene.  Lines To Get Food.

152. War Scene. Lines To Get Food.

Prat Ocariz, Antonio
Would That I Could Live Pea...