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    Christ of Faith, Ma...
Christmas Music 12/14/1971
Christmas Music 12/15/1971
Christmas Music 12/18-19/1961
Clifford, Keith, Interpreta...
Coffin, H.S., Convocation 1...

106. Coffin, H.S., Convocation 10/28/1953

Coffin, Henry Sloane, 1877-1954
Coffin, H.S;  Fosdick, H.E....

107. Coffin, H.S; Fosdick, H.E., Alumni Dinner 05/18/1953

Coffin, Henry Sloane, 1877-1954
Coffin, Henry Sloane,  In t...

108. Coffin, Henry Sloane, In the Midst of ...04/26/1953

Coffin, Henry Sloane, 1877-1954
Columbia Strike 1968
Columbia Strike 5/1/1968?
Columbia Strike,  TV Covera...
Commencement 05/19/1964
Communion Service,  Orienta...
Cone, James,  1970 UTS Mini...
Cone, James,  Speech at Social

117. Cone, James, Speech at Social

Cone, James H.
Conference on Hope

118. Conference on Hope

Conference on Hope and the Future of Man (1971 : New York, N.Y.)
Convocation service 09/06/1973
Cooke, Terrence J.,  Sermon...

120. Cooke, Terrence J., Sermon 03/12/1969

Cooke, Terence, 1921-1983