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Algorithmus Integrorum cum ...

1. Algorithmus Integrorum cum Probis Annexis

Widmann, Johannes, approximately 1460-approximately 1500
American Instructor: or, Yo...
American Penman, Comprising...
Arithmetiqve made easie

6. Arithmetiqve made easie

Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656
Ars Grammatica

7. Ars Grammatica

Diomedes (Grammarian), active 4th century
Ars Minor

8. Ars Minor

Donatus, Aelius
Ars Minor

9. Ars Minor

Donatus, Aelius
Arts Glory, or, The Pen-Man...

10. Arts Glory, or, The Pen-Mans Treasury

Cocker, Edward, 1631-1675
Atlas des Enfans, ou, Nouve...
Boke Named the Governour

12. Boke Named the Governour

Elyot, Thomas, Sir, 1490?-1546
Boke Named the Governour

13. Boke Named the Governour

Elyot, Thomas, Sir, 1490?-1546
Compendio de lo Abaco

15. Compendio de lo Abaco

Pellos, Francesco
Computus cum Commento

16. Computus cum Commento

Course of Elementary Readin...

17. Course of Elementary Reading in Science and Literature

M'Culloch, J. M. (James Melville), 1801-1883
De Institutione Arithmetica

18. De Institutione Arithmetica

Boethius, -524
De Rhetorica Seu de Arte Di...
Dean’s Recently Improved An...
Dictionaire des Halles, ou,...
Education of Chaucer Illust...

23. Education of Chaucer Illustrated from the Schoolbooks in Use in His Time

Plimpton, George A. (George Arthur), 1855-1936
Education of Shakespeare:  ...

24. Education of Shakespeare: Illustrated from the Schoolbooks in Use in his Time

Plimpton, George A. (George Arthur), 1855-1936
Elementa Geometriae

25. Elementa Geometriae

Fonotipic instructur, or, F...
Gaskell’s Complete Compendi...

29. Gaskell’s Complete Compendium of Elegant Writing

Gaskell, G. A. (George A.), 1844-
Geometrical Practical Treat...

30. Geometrical Practical Treatize Named Pantometria

Digges, Leonard, -approximately 1559
Ginn & Company's writing books

31. Ginn & Company's writing books

Ginn and Company
Grammatica Latina Philippi ...

32. Grammatica Latina Philippi Melanchthonis

Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560
Guillelmi Lilij Angli Rudim...

33. Guillelmi Lilij Angli Rudimenta

Lily, William, 1468?-1522
Handwriting for the broad-e...

34. Handwriting for the broad-edge pen : a teachers' manual

Moore, Francis M. (Francis Marion), 1846-
Journal of an African Slave...

35. Journal of an African Slaver, 1789-1792

American Antiquarian Society
Learned Maid, or Whether a ...

36. Learned Maid, or Whether a Maid may be a Scholar

Schurman, Anna Maria van, 1607-1678
Margarita Philosophica

37. Margarita Philosophica

Reisch, Gregor, -1525
Marks of Merit, Together wi...

38. Marks of Merit, Together with an article on Hornbooks and their use in America

Plimpton, George A. (George Arthur), 1855-1936
Myrrour of the Worlde

39. Myrrour of the Worlde

Caxton, William, approximately 1422-1491 or 1492
Operina di Ludouico Vicentino

42. Operina di Ludouico Vicentino

Arrighi, Ludovico degli
Oranda tensetsu

43. Oranda tensetsu

Shiba, Kōkan, 1738?-1818
Orbis sensualium pictus

44. Orbis sensualium pictus

Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670
Penmanship, or, The Beautie...
Plan for the Conduct of Fem...

48. Quadripartitum

Ptolemy, active 2nd century
Rara arithmetica : a catalo...
Rudiments of Conchology

50. Rudiments of Conchology

Venning, Mary Ann
Rudiments of Latin Prosody

51. Rudiments of Latin Prosody

Otis, James, 1725-1783
Spencerian key to practical...

53. Spencerian key to practical penmanship

Spencer, H. C. (Henry Caleb)
Strictures on the Modern Sy...
Tunaikeion, or, Nine Bookes...

55. Tunaikeion, or, Nine Bookes of Various History Concerning Women

Heywood, Thomas, approximately 1574-1641
Universal Penman

56. Universal Penman

Bickham, George, 1684?-1758?
Very fruteful and pleasant ...
Vindication of the Rights o...

58. Vindication of the Rights of Women

Wollstonecraft, Mary, 1759-1797
Young Lady's Accidence, or,...