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    Little Tour in Ireland

301. A Little Tour in Ireland

Hole, S. Reynolds (Samuel Reynolds), 1819-1904
    Little Trapper, and...

302. The Little Trapper, and Other Stories

Hillyard, W. Heard (William Heard)
Llamarada, volume the sixth

303. Llamarada, volume the sixth

Mount Holyoke College
Lottie Eames; or, "Do Your ...

304. Lottie Eames; or, "Do Your Best, and Leave the Rest"

Humphrey, Lizbeth Bullock, 1841-
Lotus and Jewel

305. Lotus and Jewel

Arnold, Edwin, Sir, 1832-1904
Louvain : la Renaissance --...

306. Louvain : la Renaissance -- resurrected. Front cover

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Low tide on Grand Pré

308. Low tide on Grand Pré

Carman, Bliss, 1861-1929
    Lowden Sabbath Morn

309. A Lowden Sabbath Morn

Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894
Lullaby-Land: Songs of Chil...

310. Lullaby-Land: Songs of Childhood

Field, Eugene, 1850-1895
    Lyric of the Morning ...

311. A Lyric of the Morning Land

Harris, Thomas Lake, 1823-1906

312. Lysistrata

Magnolia. 1836

314. Magnolia. 1836

Herbert, Henry William, 1807-1858
    Manual of the Public ...
Margarita Philosophica

317. Margarita Philosophica

Reisch, Gregor, -1525
    Mariners Magazine

318. The Mariners Magazine

Sturmy, Samuel, 1633-1669
Marks of Merit, Together wi...

319. Marks of Merit, Together with an article on Hornbooks and their use in America

Plimpton, George A. (George Arthur), 1855-1936
Masque of Pandora: And Othe...

322. Masque of Pandora: And Other Poems

James R. Osgood and Company
Medical Education in the Un...

323. Medical Education in the United States and Canada. Title page

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching‏
Memorie. In tre volume. Sec...

326. Metamorphoses

Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D.
Metamorphoses. Moralized Ovid.

327. Metamorphoses. Moralized Ovid.

Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D.
Monday Or Tuesday

328. Monday Or Tuesday

Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941
Mr. Blundevil his Exercises

330. Mr. Blundevil his Exercises

Blundeville, Thomas, active 1561
Mundus Subterraneus

332. Mundus Subterraneus

Kircher, Athanasius, 1602-1680
My Beautiful Lady

333. My Beautiful Lady

Woolner, Thomas, 1825-1892
Myrrour of the Worlde

334. Myrrour of the Worlde

Caxton, William, approximately 1422-1491 or 1492
Mysterium Cosmographicum

335. Mysterium Cosmographicum

Kepler, Johannes, 1571-1630
    New Day: a Poem in ...

337. The New Day: a Poem in Songs and Sonnets

Gilder, Richard Watson, 1844-1909
New York State Workmen’s ...
    Ocean and Its Wonders

342. The Ocean and Its Wonders

Ballantyne, R. M. (Robert Michael), 1825-1894

344. Odyssey

Of the Advancement and Prof...

346. The Offering

Carter, Sarah C.
    Olive Fairy Book

347. The Olive Fairy Book

Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912
Operina di Ludouico Vicentino

350. Operina di Ludouico Vicentino

Arrighi, Ludovico degli
Oranda tensetsu

351. Oranda tensetsu

Shiba, Kōkan, 1738?-1818
Orbis sensualium pictus

352. Orbis sensualium pictus

Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670
Our Artist in Peru

353. Our Artist in Peru

Carleton, George Washington, 1832-1901
Outre-Mer; a Pilgrimage Bey...

354. Outre-Mer; a Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882
Ovid's Works

355. Ovid's Works

Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D.
Past Meridian

357. Past Meridian

Sigourney, L. H. (Lydia Howard), 1791-1865
Penmanship, or, The Beautie...
Peter Drake's Dream, and Ot...

361. Peter Drake's Dream, and Other Stories

Howitt, Mary Botham, 1799-1888
Petrarca colla spositione d...
Ph.D.'s and the Academic La...
Phoenixiana; or, Sketches a...

366. Phoenixiana; or, Sketches and Burlesques

Derby, George Horatio, 1823-1861
    Pink Fairy Book

367. The Pink Fairy Book

Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912
Plan for the Conduct of Fem...
    Playmate: a Pleasan...

369. The Playmate: a Pleasant Companion for Spare Hours

Wm. Crosby & H.P. Nichols (Firm)

370. Poems

Goodrich, Samuel G. (Samuel Griswold), 1793-1860

371. Poems

Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881

372. Poems

Philips, Katherine, 1632-1664

373. Poems

Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965
Poems on various subjects, ...

375. Poems on various subjects, religious and moral

Wheatley, Phillis, 1753-1784
Poetry and Criticism

376. Poetry and Criticism

Sitwell, Edith, 1887-1964
    Poets of America, w...

377. The Poets of America, with Occasional Notes

Cheever, George Barrell, 1807-1890
Pride and Prejudice

380. Pride and Prejudice

Austen, Jane, 1775-1817
    Psychopathology of ...

385. The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939
Public Television, a Progra...

388. Quadripartitum

Ptolemy, active 2nd century
    Queen's Twin: And O...

389. The Queen's Twin: And Other Stories

Jewett, Sarah Orne, 1849-1909
Rara arithmetica : a catalo...
    Red Book of Animal ...

391. The Red Book of Animal Stories

Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912
Retiring from Business; or,...

392. Retiring from Business; or, The Rich Man's Error

Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay), 1809-1885
Review of Grants to the Car...

393. Review of Grants to the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Cover page

Lester, Robert M. (Robert MacDonald), 1889-1969
    Romance of Zion Chapel

394. The Romance of Zion Chapel

Le Gallienne, Richard, 1866-1947
    Rose of Sharon: a R...

396. The Rose of Sharon: a Religious Souvenir, for MDCCCXLVIII

Mayo, Sarah C. Edgarton (Sarah Carter Edgarton), 1819-1848
    Rossettis: Dante Ga...

397. The Rossettis: Dante Gabriel and Christina

Cary, Elisabeth Luther, 1867-1936
Rudiments of Conchology

398. Rudiments of Conchology

Venning, Mary Ann
Rudiments of Latin Prosody

399. Rudiments of Latin Prosody

Otis, James, 1725-1783