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Clark & Wilkins Co.. Letter

101. Clark & Wilkins Co.. Letter

Clark & Wilkins Co.
Clarke & Courts Manufacturi...

102. Clarke & Courts Manufacturing Stationers. Letter

Clarke & Courts Manufacturing Stationers
Clarke Bros. & Co.. Letter

103. Clarke Bros. & Co.. Letter

Clarke Bros. & Co.
Clarke Bros. & Co.. Letter

104. Clarke Bros. & Co.. Letter

Clarke Bros. & Co.
Clarke Bros. & Co.. Letter

105. Clarke Bros. & Co.. Letter

Clarke Bros. & Co.
Cleveland Window Glass Co.....

106. Cleveland Window Glass Co.. Letter

Cleveland Window Glass Co.
Collins Plow Company. Letter

107. Collins Plow Company. Letter

Collins Plow Company
Columbia Hall. Letter

108. Columbia Hall. Letter

Columbia Hall
Columbus Bolt Works & Co.. ...

109. Columbus Bolt Works & Co.. Letter

Columbus Bolt Works & Co.
Consolidated Engineering Co...

110. Consolidated Engineering Co.. Letter

Consolidated Engineering Co.
Cornell Wood Products Compa...

111. Cornell Wood Products Company. Letter

Cornell Wood Products Company
Cornish Co.. Letter

112. Cornish Co.. Letter

Cornish Co.
Cortland Wagon Co.. Letter

113. Cortland Wagon Co.. Letter

Cortland Wagon Co.
Cosmopolitan Hotel. Letter

114. Cosmopolitan Hotel. Letter

Cosmopolitan Hotel
Cowing & Co.. Letter

115. Cowing & Co.. Letter

Cowing & Co.
Crane & Breed Mfg. Co.. Letter

116. Crane & Breed Mfg. Co.. Letter

Crane & Breed Mfg. Co.
Crompton Loom Works. Letter

117. Crompton Loom Works. Letter

Crompton Loom Works
Crook's Bakery and Restaura...

118. Crook's Bakery and Restaurant. Letter

Crook's Bakery and Restaurant
Cross Brothers Company. Letter

119. Cross Brothers Company. Letter

Cross Brothers Company
Cutler & Porter. Letter

120. Cutler & Porter. Letter

Cutler & Porter