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Street in Bonifacio

61. Street in Bonifacio

Levi, Julian, 1874-1971
Study for the Martyrdom of ...
Temple Church, London

63. Temple Church, London

Billings, Robert William, 1813-1874
    Temptation of Christ

64. The Temptation of Christ

Giordano, Luca, 1634-1705, circle of

65. A Terrier

Hayter, George, Sir, 1792-1871

66. Titans

Campi, Bernardino, 1521-1591
Trees and Pond

67. Trees and Pond

Two Goats Lying Down

68. Two Goats Lying Down

Hayter, George, Sir, 1792-1871
Viking Fighting with a Dragon

73. Viking Fighting with a Dragon

Godino Cabas, Antonio
Warrior with Shield

74. Warrior with Shield

Munkácsy, Mihály, 1844-1900
    Youth Playing Pipes B...

76. A Youth Playing Pipes Beside a Man Draped in a Cloak

Zuccaro, Taddeo, 1529-1566, circle of