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Adoration of the Magi

1. Adoration of the Magi

Creti, Donato, 1671-1749
Adoration of the Shepherds

2. Adoration of the Shepherds

Carracci, Lodovico, 1555-1619
Autumn Forests and Jade-gre...

4. Autumn Forests and Jade-green Mountain Peaks

Gao, Cen, ca. 1618-after 1682
Brighton No. 34

6. Brighton No. 34

Stillman, Ary, 1891-1967
Brighton No. 36

7. Brighton No. 36

Stillman, Ary, 1891-1967
Cabin on the Lake, Knollwoo...

8. Cabin on the Lake, Knollwood (N.Y.)

Levi, Julian, 1874-1971
Castel Sant'Angelo

9. Castel Sant'Angelo

Turner, J. M. W. (Joseph Mallord William), 1775-1851
Cathedral Cloister, Barcelona

10. Cathedral Cloister, Barcelona

Levi, Julian, 1874-1971
Christ Preforming a Miracle
Demonstration with Mummy

12. Demonstration with Mummy

Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863

13. Deposition

Salimbeni, Ventura, 1568-1613

14. An Ecorchée

Eight Stallions

15. Eight Stallions

Yang, Jin, 1644-1728
Esther Before Ahasuerus
Female Figure with Putti in...

17. Female Figure with Putti in a Shaped Compartment

Gandolfi, Gaetano, 1734-1802
Head of a Cow

18. Head of a Cow

Londonio, Francesco, 1723-1783
[Head of a Girl]

19. [Head of a Girl]

Stettheimer, Florine, 1871-1944
Hercules Slaying the Hydra

20. Hercules Slaying the Hydra

Goltzius, Hendrik, 1558-1617, circle of
    Holy Family

21. The Holy Family

Castiglione, Giovanni Benedetto, 1609-1664
Horse Doctor

23. Horse Doctor

Bloemen, Pieter van, 1657-1720
House and Trees, Scarsdale

24. House and Trees, Scarsdale

Levi, Julian, 1874-1971
Klosterneuburg Monastery

28. Klosterneuburg Monastery

Isabey, Jean-Baptiste, 1767-1855

29. Lamentation

Polidoro, da Lanciano, -1565

30. Lamentation

Andrea, da Salerno, approximately 1484-1530
Landscape in the Manner of ...
Landscape with Cavaliers be...

32. Landscape with Cavaliers before a Town

Cantagallina, Remigio, approximately 1582-1656
Landscape with Two Figures ...

33. Landscape with Two Figures on a Road

Maris, Jacob, 1837-1899

34. The Letter

Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863
Long Spoon and the Devil, I...
[N.Y. Dockfreight]

38. [N.Y. Dockfreight]

Shearman, James A.
[Nude Study, Standing, Back...

39. [Nude Study, Standing, Back View]

Stettheimer, Florine, 1871-1944
    Nude, Half-Length

40. A Nude, Half-Length

Sarto, Andrea del, 1486-1530, follower of
Odysseus Attacking Penelope...

41. Odysseus Attacking Penelope's Suitors

Houbraken, Arnold, 1660-1719
Peasant Family Beside a Bra...

43. Peasant Family Beside a Brazier

Roger, Barthélemy Joseph Fulcran, 1767-1841
Plaza No. 11

44. Plaza No. 11

Stillman, Ary, 1891-1967
Pont des Minimes, Chartres

45. Pont des Minimes, Chartres

Levi, Julian, 1874-1971
Portrait of Frederick A. P....

46. Portrait of Frederick A. P. Barnard (1809-1889)

Johnson, Eastman, 1824-1906
Portrait of Henry Ogden Ave...

47. Portrait of Henry Ogden Avery (1852-1890)

Hardie, Robert Gordon, 1854-1904
Portrait of James Kent (176...

48. Portrait of James Kent (1763-1847)

Sharples, James, 1752-1811
Priscilla No. 40

49. Priscilla No. 40

Stillman, Ary, 1891-1967
Riders Outside an Inn

50. Riders Outside an Inn

Himpel, Aarnout ter, 1634-1686
S.S. de Grasse

51. S.S. de Grasse

Levi, Julian, 1874-1971
Sayville No. 3

52. Sayville No. 3

Stillman, Ary, 1891-1967
Scholar at a Table

53. Scholar at a Table

Giraud, Pierre Francois Eugène, 1806-1881
Seated Apostle

54. Seated Apostle

Seated Woman

55. Seated Woman

Levi, Julian, 1874-1971
Seated Woman Reading a Book

56. Seated Woman Reading a Book

Rippl-Rónai, József, 1861-1927
    Seated Youth in a Flo...

57. A Seated Youth in a Floppy Hat

Londonio, Francesco, 1723-1783
St. John the Baptist Preaching

58. St. John the Baptist Preaching

Barocci, Federigo, 1528-1612, Circle of
St. Philip Neri Teaching

59. St. Philip Neri Teaching

Zuccaro, Federico, approximately 1540-1609
Street Scene in Salisbury

60. Street Scene in Salisbury

Bartlett, W. H. (William Henry), 1809-1854
Street in Bonifacio

61. Street in Bonifacio

Levi, Julian, 1874-1971
Study for the Martyrdom of ...
Temple Church, London

63. Temple Church, London

Billings, Robert William, 1813-1874
    Temptation of Christ

64. The Temptation of Christ

Giordano, Luca, 1634-1705, circle of

65. A Terrier

Hayter, George, Sir, 1792-1871

66. Titans

Campi, Bernardino, 1521-1591
Trees and Pond

67. Trees and Pond

Two Goats Lying Down

68. Two Goats Lying Down

Hayter, George, Sir, 1792-1871
Viking Fighting with a Dragon

73. Viking Fighting with a Dragon

Godino Cabas, Antonio
Warrior with Shield

74. Warrior with Shield

Munkácsy, Mihály, 1844-1900
    Youth Playing Pipes B...

76. A Youth Playing Pipes Beside a Man Draped in a Cloak

Zuccaro, Taddeo, 1529-1566, circle of