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Evacuated Children

61. Evacuated Children

Castellanos, Angel
Evacuation Scene

62. Evacuation Scene

Lombán Alamo, Manuel
Fleeing From Death

63. Fleeing From Death

Diaz Luna, Manolo
Free Drawing: My House In A...
French Customhouse

65. French Customhouse

Planas, Jorge
Girls In The Washroom

66. Girls In The Washroom

Muro, Pilar
Girls With Books (or Sewing...
Green And Red (panzers) Bom...
Here I Have Drawn My Mother...
Hurricane In Flight

70. Hurricane In Flight

Puertas, José
Hydroplane Flying Over Ships

71. Hydroplane Flying Over Ships

Ancina, Moises
In This Drawing I Have Show...
Ink and pencil sketches
Keeping A Sick Girl Company.

76. Keeping A Sick Girl Company.

Acín, Asunción

77. Laborer

Casado Gauderats, Pepita
Life In Madrid Before The War

78. Life In Madrid Before The War

Garcia Montaño, Guillermo
Life In The Colony.

79. Life In The Colony.

Alonso, Pepa
Life In The Country

80. Life In The Country

Marquez Martinez, Pablo