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Bridging the Gulf of Color ...
Bustan al-uḳul

42. Bustan al-uḳul

Nathanael ibn al Fayyumi, active 12th century
Cable Code Book Used by H. ...

43. Cable Code Book Used by H. A. Jenks

Pulitzer, Joseph, 1847-1911
Calendario de todos ros Hod...
Caliban Considers : title p...
    Call of Culture : a...
Canary Cottage : A Dramatic...
Carmina sacra varu idiomati...
Chariots text

49. Chariots text

Kay, Ulysses, 1917-1995
Chart, showing inability of...
Charts & Casts & Notes for ...
[Checks, [manuscript]

52. [Checks, [manuscript]

New York (N.Y.). Common Council
China Diary-Tiananmen

53. China Diary-Tiananmen

Salisbury, Harrison E. (Harrison Evans), 1908-1993
China Timeline

54. China Timeline

Rosset, Barney
China and Japan chart

55. China and Japan chart

Rosset, Barney
Chinese History Test

56. Chinese History Test

Rosset, Barney
Chinese History Test T'ang ...
Chinese History Test-Chou D...
Chinese History Test-Sung D...
Chinese House

60. Chinese House

Rosset, Barney