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Work In Progress: Jersey Hours

781. Work In Progress: Jersey Hours

Kay, Ulysses, 1917-1995
Working Woman and Marriage ...

782. Working Woman and Marriage Talk Draft

Perkins, Frances, 1880-1965
Working notes and outline f...
Writing exercise

784. Writing exercise

Maria Carolina, Queen, consort of Ferdinand I, King of the Two Sicilies, 1752-1814

785. Yantraraja

Jai Singh II, Maharaja of Jaipur, 1686-1743
ʻArbaʻah ṭurim: hilkhot sh...

786. ʻArbaʻah ṭurim: hilkhot shabat

Jacob ben Asher, approximately 1269-approximately 1340
ʻEn Yaʻaḳov: Nashim, Neziḳin

787. ʻEn Yaʻaḳov: Nashim, Neziḳin

Ibn Ḥabib, Jacob ben Solomon, 1445?-1515 or 1516
ʻEsʹer sefirot