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Aerial View Of Shanghai

1. Aerial View Of Shanghai

Ewing, Lieutenant
American Soldier And Chines...

2. American Soldier And Chinese Looking At Album

Hendrick, Technician Fourth Grade
Blown-up Locomotive

3. Blown-up Locomotive

Shemorry, W. E.
Burned Buildings By River L...
Camouflage Plane

5. Camouflage Plane

Rosset, Barney

6. Chennault

Greenberg, S.L.
Chinese Army Re-enter Liuchow

7. Chinese Army Re-enter Liuchow

Rosset, Barney
Chinese Frisking Japanese

8. Chinese Frisking Japanese

Kocourek, Technician Fourth Grade
Chinese Looking At Propagan...

9. Chinese Looking At Propaganda Poster

Passantino, Joseph
Chinese Men Surveying With ...
Clearing Bridge Wreckage

11. Clearing Bridge Wreckage

Shemorry, W. E.
Coolies Pull 10-ton Roller:...

12. Coolies Pull 10-ton Roller: recto

Manwarren, F.D.
Crowds at Kiangwan Airfield...
Doolittle Raiders

14. Doolittle Raiders

Gilliland, Technician Fifth Grade
Field Phone

15. Field Phone

Rosset, Barney
First Day Chinese Take Back...
General Okamura

17. General Okamura

Loeb, Lieutenant
Ho Ying Chin Signing At Table

18. Ho Ying Chin Signing At Table

Loeb, Lieutenant
Ho Ying Chin Signing Surrender

19. Ho Ying Chin Signing Surrender

Loeb, Lieutenant
Liuchow Homeless

20. Liuchow Homeless

Rosset, Barney