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Aerial View Of Shanghai

1. Aerial View Of Shanghai

Ewing, Lieutenant
American Soldier And Chines...

2. American Soldier And Chinese Looking At Album

Hendrick, Technician Fourth Grade
Barney And Chinese On Field...
Barney Being Served Tea
Barney In "Foto-Moto"
Barney Rosset Surveys Street
Barney Rosset With Camera B...
Barney Rosset With Waterfall
Blown-up Locomotive

11. Blown-up Locomotive

Shemorry, W. E.
Bund In Shanghai

12. Bund In Shanghai

Rosset, Barney
Burned Buildings By River L...
Camouflage Plane

14. Camouflage Plane

Rosset, Barney

15. Chennault

Greenberg, S.L.
Chinese And Americans At Bar

16. Chinese And Americans At Bar

Rosset, Barney
Chinese And Americans Eatin...
Chinese Army Re-enter Liuchow

18. Chinese Army Re-enter Liuchow

Rosset, Barney
Chinese Frisking Japanese

19. Chinese Frisking Japanese

Kocourek, Technician Fourth Grade
Chinese Looking At Propagan...

20. Chinese Looking At Propaganda Poster

Passantino, Joseph
Chinese Men Surveying With ...
Chinese Soldiers Waiting Fo...
Clearing Bridge Wreckage

23. Clearing Bridge Wreckage

Shemorry, W. E.
Coolies Pull 10-ton Roller:...

24. Coolies Pull 10-ton Roller: recto

Manwarren, F.D.
Crowds at Kiangwan Airfield...
Curvy Kunming-Kweiyang Road

26. Curvy Kunming-Kweiyang Road

Rosset, Barney
Doolittle Raiders

27. Doolittle Raiders

Gilliland, Technician Fifth Grade
Duck Being Served To US Sol...
Field Phone

29. Field Phone

Rosset, Barney
First Day Chinese Take Back...
"Foto-Moto" Up River Bank

31. "Foto-Moto" Up River Bank

Rosset, Barney
General Okamura

32. General Okamura

Loeb, Lieutenant
Group Of Seven In Jeep

33. Group Of Seven In Jeep

Rosset, Barney
Group Shot In Front Of Truck

34. Group Shot In Front Of Truck

Rosset, Barney
Guerilla Team In Trucks, Ma...
Ho Ying Chin Signing At Table

36. Ho Ying Chin Signing At Table

Loeb, Lieutenant
Ho Ying Chin Signing Surrender

37. Ho Ying Chin Signing Surrender

Loeb, Lieutenant
Inscribed Photo By Major Ge...

38. Inscribed Photo By Major General

Cheves, Gilbert X. (Gilbert Xavier), 1895-1985
Kunming 1996 Intersection

39. Kunming 1996 Intersection

Rosset, Barney
Kunming 1996 River Bank

40. Kunming 1996 River Bank

Rosset, Barney
Kunming 1996 River, Head-on

41. Kunming 1996 River, Head-on

Rosset, Barney
Kunming Airport With Barney...
Kweiyang Riverside

43. Kweiyang Riverside

Rosset, Barney
Liuchow Homeless

44. Liuchow Homeless

Rosset, Barney
Long View Of 9 Sept 45 Surr...
Looking At Map

46. Looking At Map

Rosset, Barney
Lt. Rhule Handshake (closeup)

47. Lt. Rhule Handshake (closeup)

Rosset, Barney
Make-shift Bridge

48. Make-shift Bridge

Gutman, John
Make-shift Shoes

49. Make-shift Shoes

Rosset, Barney
Man Carrying Children On Sh...
Mao And US Ambassadors

51. Mao And US Ambassadors

Gilliland, Technician Fifth Grade
Marshall Tang En Po Enters ...
Meeting With Guerilla Soldiers

53. Meeting With Guerilla Soldiers

Rosset, Barney
Memorial Service For Roosevelt

54. Memorial Service For Roosevelt

Rosset, Barney
Men With Snake

55. Men With Snake

Rosset, Barney
Mined Airfield - Liuchow

56. Mined Airfield - Liuchow

Rosset, Barney
Mountain Road Ambush

57. Mountain Road Ambush

Rosset, Barney
Oldern Man With White Beard

58. Oldern Man With White Beard

Rosset, Barney
People Changing Stick Bundle

59. People Changing Stick Bundle

Rosset, Barney
Pontoon Bridge In Liuchow

60. Pontoon Bridge In Liuchow

Bowermaster, J.C.
Pontoon Ferry

61. Pontoon Ferry

Shemorry, W. E.
Putting In Stretcher

62. Putting In Stretcher

Rosset, Barney
Repaired Bridge In Kweiyang

63. Repaired Bridge In Kweiyang

Rosset, Barney
Roadside Repair

64. Roadside Repair

Rosset, Barney
Rural Scene

65. Rural Scene

Rosset, Barney
Sailors In Shanghai

66. Sailors In Shanghai

Rosset, Barney
Searching Japanese For Fire...

67. Searching Japanese For Firearms

Kocourek, Technician Fourth Grade
Seated Man At Gun

68. Seated Man At Gun

Rosset, Barney
Setting Up Mortars

69. Setting Up Mortars

Rosset, Barney
Shanghai Riverfront With Kids

70. Shanghai Riverfront With Kids

Rosset, Barney
Smiling Woman

71. Smiling Woman

Rosset, Barney
Smoking the "Peace Pipe"

72. Smoking the "Peace Pipe"

Rosset, Barney
Soldiers of the 507th regiment

73. Soldiers of the 507th regiment

Rosset, Barney
Starving Man

74. Starving Man

Rosset, Barney
Sticks, Boats, River

75. Sticks, Boats, River

Rosset, Barney
Street Food Scene

76. Street Food Scene

Rosset, Barney
Street Scene, May '45

77. Street Scene, May '45

Rosset, Barney
Surrender Actually Signing

78. Surrender Actually Signing

Rosset, Barney
Surrender Facing Tables

79. Surrender Facing Tables

Loeb, Lieutenant
Tanaka And Buick

80. Tanaka And Buick

Jones, Technician Fourth Grade
Three Waterwheels

81. Three Waterwheels

Rosset, Barney
Two Boys Close-up

82. Two Boys Close-up

Rosset, Barney
Two Tribal Men Walking

83. Two Tribal Men Walking

Rosset, Barney
United Artist Studio After ...
United Artist Studio Before...

85. United Artist Studio Before Bombing

Bowermaster, J.C.
Victory Parade Chungking

86. Victory Parade Chungking

Kienzle, Staff Sergeant
Victory Parade Liuchow

87. Victory Parade Liuchow

Shemorry, W. E.
Victory Parade Liuchow Aerial

88. Victory Parade Liuchow Aerial

Shemorry, W. E.

89. Waterwheel

Rosset, Barney
Woman With Woven Bowl

90. Woman With Woven Bowl

Rosset, Barney
Wounded Man, Kiangkoa

92. Wounded Man, Kiangkoa

Rosset, Barney
Wounded Man With Figure In ...
Wrecked US plane w/ covered...