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Alcove in Browsing Room

2. Alcove in Browsing Room

Wurts Bros. (New York, N.Y.)
Ball Playing in Front of Bu...
Ban SDS sign
Banjo Club, 1894-95

5. Banjo Club, 1894-95

Pach Brothers (Firm)
"Banned Books" Display

6. "Banned Books" Display

Warman, Manny, -1983
Barnard-Columbia Chorus - A...
Barnard-Columbia Chorus - A...
Binding Department

9. Binding Department

Ballou, Hubbard W.
Bonfire in Front of Butler ...
Book Chute
Book Returns to Columbia Li...
Book Sorting Shelves
Book Transfer

14. Book Transfer

Boldtman, J.
Book Transfer

15. Book Transfer

Book Transfer

16. Book Transfer

Brander Matthews

18. Brander Matthews

Bachrach, Louis Fabian, 1881-1963
Brander Matthews Hall

19. Brander Matthews Hall

Gottscho, Samuel H. (Samuel Herman), 1875-1971
Browsing Room

20. Browsing Room

Bubley, Esther