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College Songs for Male Voices

1. College Songs for Male Voices

MacDowell, Edward, 1860-1908
Columbia College Musical Clubs

2. Columbia College Musical Clubs

Columbia University
Columbia Magazine, Winter 1993

3. Columbia Magazine, Winter 1993

Columbia University
First Annual Festival of Co...
Interclass Song Contest

5. Interclass Song Contest

Columbia University
Kathryn Bache Miller Theatre

6. Kathryn Bache Miller Theatre

Columbia University
Milton Smith's Brander Matt...

7. Milton Smith's Brander Matthews Hall

Smith, Milton Myers, 1890-1981
Morningside Heights, Plan O...
Music as College Study

9. Music as College Study

Mason, Daniel Gregory, 1873-1953
Registration Book of Miss F...

10. Registration Book of Miss F. Perkins

Columbia University
Silver presentation cup

11. Silver presentation cup

Tiffany and Company
St. Paul's Chapel of Columb...
View of West Hall

13. View of West Hall

Columbia University