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Alexander Yakovlev

1. Alexander Yakovlev

I︠A︡kovlev, A. N. (Aleksandr Nikolaevich), 1923-2005
Anatoly Shabad

2. Anatoly Shabad

Shabad, Anatoly
Andrei Girenko

3. Andrei Girenko

Girenko, Andrei
Ants Laaneots

4. Ants Laaneots

Laaneots, Ants
Aram Sarkisian

5. Aram Sarkisian

Sarkisi͡an, Aram (Aram Gasparovich), 1949-
Araz Azimov

6. Araz Azimov

Azimov, Araz
Arkady Volsky

7. Arkady Volsky

Volʹskiĭ, A. I. (Arkadiĭ Ivanovich)
Arkady Volsky

8. Arkady Volsky

Volʹskiĭ, A. I. (Arkadiĭ Ivanovich)
Aslan Maskhadov

9. Aslan Maskhadov

Maskhadov, Aslan Alievich, 1951-2005
Aslanbek Khasbulatov

10. Aslanbek Khasbulatov

Khasbulatov, Aslanbek
Ayaz Mutalibov

11. Ayaz Mutalibov

Mu̇tăllibov, A. N., 1938-
David Shakhnazarian

12. David Shakhnazarian

Shakhnazarian, David
Doku Zavgayev

13. Doku Zavgayev

Zavgayev, Doku
Eduard Shevardnadze

14. Eduard Shevardnadze

Shevardnadze, Ė. A. (Ėduard Amvrosievich), 1928-2014
Elbrus Orujev

15. Elbrus Orujev

Orujev, Elbrus
Eldar Namazov

16. Eldar Namazov

Namazov, Eldar
Gurgen Boyajian

17. Gurgen Boyajian

Boyajian, George
Heidar Aliev, and Co-Chairs

18. Heidar Aliev, and Co-Chairs

Aliyev, Heydar, 1923-2003
Hikmet Hadjizade

19. Hikmet Hadjizade

Hadjizade, Hikmet
Hrant Voskanian

20. Hrant Voskanian

Voskanian, Hrant