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21. Commencement

Hugh Rogers Photography
Committee for Defense of Pr...
Community protests

23. Community protests

Pearcy, Lee T.
Cox Commission Report
Crowds leaving Martin Luthe...
Crowds outside Low Library
Defend the Right to Demonst...
Do your thing, but let us d...
Dwight McDonald at Counter-...

29. Dwight McDonald at Counter-Commencement

Hugh Rogers Photography
Faculty Meeting in Philosop...

30. Faculty Meeting in Philosophy Hall

Adler, Gerald S.
Faculty Talking to Students...
Fayerweather Liberated

32. Fayerweather Liberated

Adler, Gerald S.

33. Gymnasium

Ditlea, Steve
H. Rap Brown

34. H. Rap Brown

Pearcy, Lee T.
Harry Coleman in Hamilton Hall

35. Harry Coleman in Hamilton Hall

Adler, Gerald S.
Invitation to counter-comme...
Join Us! circular
Kirk Is A Jerk

38. Kirk Is A Jerk

Freer, Bonnie
Letter from "a concerned st...
Letter from Aaron Frishberg...