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At Issue 5/13/1968
Ban SDS sign

21. Commencement

Hugh Rogers Photography
Community protests

23. Community protests

Pearcy, Lee T.
Fayerweather Liberated

32. Fayerweather Liberated

Adler, Gerald S.

33. Gymnasium

Ditlea, Steve
H. Rap Brown

34. H. Rap Brown

Pearcy, Lee T.
Harry Coleman in Hamilton Hall

35. Harry Coleman in Hamilton Hall

Adler, Gerald S.
Kirk Is A Jerk

38. Kirk Is A Jerk

Freer, Bonnie
MLK button
Mark Rudd speaking

57. Mark Rudd speaking

Adler, Gerald S.
No Amnesty sign
Police and crowds

64. Police and crowds

Epstein, Alan R.
Police at 1968 commencement

65. Police at 1968 commencement

Epstein, Steven
Remember Your Pill

73. Remember Your Pill

Adler, Gerald S.
SDS Calendar
SDS button
Strike button
View from Low Library

92. View from Low Library

Mulvehill, Larry