Old Men Making Toy Houses


New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor (Issuing body)
Community Service Society of New York (Issuing body,Former owner)
Old Men Making Toy Houses
#4429 Unknown Photographer In "A.I.C.P. 1920", 77th Annual Report (I919-I920), page 14 bottom. Caption: THE CRAWFORD WORK SHOPS. It is work and interest in life which keeps men and women - old in years - free from discouragement and bitterness, and the Crawford work shops are making a distinct contribution to society by bringing hope and cheer to scores of those who have fallen out of the race. The shops do this for men and women who often are quite alone in the world - and with whom few employers of labor care to bother. Living in small hall bedrooms In various parts of the city, mostly on the great East side, these crippled and otherwise handicapped old people find in the Crawford Shops, not only a living, but a life. In "The Eighty-First Annual Report of the A.I.C.P." (1923-24), p. 26 bottom. Caption: The Crawford Shops, where old people may work as failing strength permits. This instead of outright dependency or the idleness and misery of the almshouse.
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Community Service Society records
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Box no. 299, Folder no. 72, Photograph no. 4429
Workshops; Toys; Toy making; Older people--Employment; Older men; Men; New York (N.Y.); Old Men's Toy Shop (New York, N.Y.); Crawford Work Shops (New York, N.Y.)
circa 1919
Photo may have been taken at 505 East 16th Street.
Photographer unknown.
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Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University
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